8 Feminist Moments Om 'The Flash'

There's no doubt that this new superhero series is taking over television. When it was announced The Flash would be coming to The CW, comic book fans rejoiced and so did TV lovers, especially when Grant Gustin was cast as Barry Allen. It's only in its first season, but the show has been taking the world by storm and only gets better with every new episode. In addition to the fantastic cast, characters, special effects, and action sequences, you know what else the show embraces? Feminism. That's right, every so often The Flash will show its feminist side.

From Caitlin Snow to Iris West to Linda Park, plus guest appearances from Felicity Smoak and all those villainesses, I can't get enough of the women of The Flash. At first glance, one might think the show revolves around Barry Allen finding his way as the fastest man on the planet, but it's so much more than that. We get to see a variety of characters going after their dreams, fighting for their lives, and making a name for themselves on the series. Yes, many of those are the women mentioned above.

Every week, The Flash delivers some badass scene or line from the female characters proving that the show goes beyond a man in a tight leather suit saving people from danger. Without the women, The Flash wouldn't have become so beloved by fans. Besides, who doesn't love a show featuring hardcore, badass women? With that said, here are eight feminist moments that prove The Flash is about both heroes and heroines.

When Iris Fought For Her Passion

No matter what anyone tells Iris, she is going to follow the one thing she feels passionate about in a really long time, which is journalism — especially reporting on The Flash and every other metahuman invading Central City. You have to admire Iris for pursuing her dreams, even when they come with consequences.

When Caitlin Proudly Showed Off Her Smarts

Caitlin is brilliant and never afraid to show it.

When Linda Gave Barry Her Phone Number

Even if you're rooting for Iris to be with Barry, you have to respect Linda for stepping up to the plate and showing her interest in Barry. A woman who goes after what she wants is pretty fantastic in my book.

When Iris Said This

"It's OK. A girl's gotta be her own hero every now and again." Amen, Iris. Amen.

When Caitlin Didn’t Apologize For Living Her Life

Even though Catilin realizes she does need to get out more and start making a life for herself that doesn't include just work, she doesn't apologize for the one she has. She's not going to change just because someone tells her to, and I admire her for that.

When Iris Stood Up To Mason Bridge

Mason Bridge is the veteran Central City Picture News reporter who gives Iris a hard time. Despite being a rookie journalist, Iris is determined to become the writer she wants to be. She has gumption, for sure.

When Linda Announced Her Title

Who says sports is only a field for men? Get it, Linda.

When Young Iris Said This To Young Barry

Remember during a flashback we saw Joe teaching Barry and Iris to defend themselves? Then, Barry said he couldn't hit a girl, to which Iris replied: "He wants you to try." Yeah, I need to be BFFs with Iris, and all the other women ofThe Flash, stat.

These are just eight of many reasons The Flash is one badass series.

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