7 'OUAT' Characters Who Need To Return

by Kelsie Gibson

It seems Once Upon a Time is pulling out all the tricks this season (and by tricks I mean, they're bringing back all of our favorite characters). Just when things were getting back to normal in Storybrooke, the Queens of Darkness, with some help from the Dark One himself, came on the scene to stir up some trouble. But of course the gang wouldn't be complete without one of greatest Disney villains of all time, Maleficent. Yes, I know she was defeated (and killed) in Season 2, but has that ever stopped creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz before? Not only did the fire-breathing dragon come back with a stylish new wardrobe (closely mocking Angelina Jolie's Maleficent attire), but this time she has a new vendetta against none other than the heroic Mr. and Mrs. Charming.

As we try to piece together all the connections with that plot, Sunday night the show threw us for another loop with the whole "author of the book" drama. While Pinocchio was completely unhelpful in answering questions, why not instead ask the man he used to be? With a simple stroke of Rumplestiltskin's dagger, August Booth was back. While I couldn't be more excited about the return of these fan favorite characters, I can't help but wonder why didn't they return sooner? And if it's so easy for characters to be brought back from the dead, why in the world did we live through some of those heartbreaking deaths? If this is the season for returns, here are seven characters I would love to see back on the show.

Sheriff Graham

OK, so Jamie Dornan is probably far too busy acting in films like Fifty Shades of Grey, but how great would this return be? Since he died before anyone in Storybrooke knew who he was, it would be interesting to see how his character plays out, realizing he fell in love with Snow White's daughter.

Liam Jones

Seeing that Hook is still technically a "villain" with the whole book ending concept, if villains were to succeed, don't you think Hook's happy ending would include being reunited with his brother? It would be nice to see their relationship now that he's a pirate.


As creepy as this character was, she definitely added some drama to the show. She could probably give some deeper insight to who the author of the book is.


When she was finally able to love Regina with her whole heart, she tragically died (at the hands of Snow White, of course). If she came back would she take after her daughter and go the hero route or would she seek revenge on the woman who killed her?

Peter Pan

If we're going to bring back parents on the show, why not bring back the Dark One's father. If anyone was darker than Rumple it was his young boy father. Imagine the havoc his character would create. And if it works out that the villains did get their happy ending, would Rumple be a part of it?


While we're on the subject of Rumple, imagine what would happen if his ex-wife came back from the dead. There would definitely be some drama especially for Captain Swan (Emma and Hook). Milah was the love of his life after all.

Neal Cassidy

And if we're going to bring back past loves, can we please bring back Neal? Ever since the whole Hook and Emma love story, it seems like Henry is just kind of left in the shadows, he needs his dad back. Doesn't it make sense that Rumple's happy ending would include his son anyways?

Images: ABC, Giphy