Usher's "Don't Look Down" Is Springtime In A Song

Trust me: You need to turn your volume waaay up for this one! On Monday, Martin Garrix and Usher's new song, "Don't Look Down," premiered online, and it's totally going to get you pumped for spring. (The official start of the season is only four days away, so the track arrived just in time!) As last week's clips suggested, "Don't Look Down" is an up-tempo EDM number with a soaring chorus that you'll be singing along with after just a few listens. It actually reminds me a bit of Usher's 2012 hit "Scream" — and that's definitely not a bad thing.

On the first verse and pre-chorus to "Don't Look Down," Usher sings about a lover who's taken him so high, he's flown all the way up into outer space:

Is your head spinning?

Is your heart racing?

Is there fire in your veins?

Are your bones burning?

Is your skin yearning?

'Cause you're driving me insane

I kinda feel like I, feel like I saw the light

You got me way up, a thousand miles

Can we stay right here, in this atmosphere

Like we're flying in outer space?

The 36-year-old artist's voice really shines on the catchy chorus:

Don't look down

Up this high, we'll never hit the ground

Don't look down

See that sky?

We're gonna reach it now

Do you feel the lightning inside of you

Will you follow through if I fall for you?

Don't look down

Up this high, we'll never hit the ground

If you ask me, with Garrix's killer production and Usher's silky smooth vocals, "Don't Look Down" has some serious hit potential. I think we'll be hearing the song on the radio quite a bit as the weather continues to warm up. I certainly won't be complaining!

"Don't Look Down" hits iTunes on Tues., March 17.