Emma Stone Should Be In 'Beauty And The Beast' Too, And Round Out That Trifecta

In a one-two punch, Disney released Cinderella on Friday, which has been smashing the box office like a pumpkin, and on Monday, they also announced the air-date for the live-action Beauty And The Beast project starring Emma Watson as Belle. Beauty And The Beast is coming our way in just two short... years. It'll be released on March 17, 2017. Along with the airdate, Disney also announced two new additions to the cast, which already includes Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens as the Beast: Kevin Kline as Belle's father Maurice, and more importantly, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts! I can't think of anyone better for the role than Thompson. So that makes two Emmas on board for the Disney re-telling — it's high time that Disney rounded out their luck and add Emma Stone to the film's cast, for the magic of three.

I'll admit that this stroke of genius came to me when I accidentally googled "Emma Stone Beauty And The Beast" in lieu of "Emma Thompson Beauty And The Beast," but I realized this should be a fantasy that comes true. Stone is not only supremely talented and charming, she's also hilarious and has a great voice, and Beauty And The Beast is gonna make a lot of use of voice-actors, so this is just kismet. The number one role I would like to see her play: Chip Potts, the mischievous and brave favorite son of Mrs. Potts. Stone's voice is perfect for the brassy little Chip, who's a little left of center. I would love to hear Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts scolding Emma Stone as cute little Chip.


Stone could also definitely take on the role of Babette, the saucy maid who was turned into a feather duster by the Enchantress, who is also Lumiere's lady-friend. Stone's got that sly, wide-eyed old movie star brass that would make her the perfect Babette.

A big 'tsk, tsk' to the story of Beauty And The Beast, though, for not having more female characters: besides Belle, Mrs. Potts, Babette and The Wardrobe, the only other gals in the film, really, are the Triplets, who trail Gaston (played by Luke Evans) because he is such a dreamy hunk and they can't see his evil. I don't know if I'd LOVE Stone to play such an airy role (the Triplets are also known as the Bimbettes, which is icky). But I bet she could have some fun with it and make it charming and obnoxious all at once.

If we can't get Emma Stone on the Beauty And The Beast train, hopefully at least Disney will remember her when they're making their next live-action film. Crossing my fingers that it will be Tarzan and she'll play the excellent Jane.

Image: Getty Images