When Does 'Empire' Season 2 Premiere? The Lyons May Not Keep Us Waiting Very Long

Can you believe Empire's first season is almost over? It seems like the Lyon family came into our lives merely yesterday, but we viewers have already been captivated by this immensely entertaining Fox drama series for 10 episodes. Season 1 is about to come to a close, as Empire airs its two-hour season finale on Wednesday night. It's hard to imagine a Wednesday without Cookie's signature ponytail or one-liners, new songs by Jamal and Hakeem, or weird relationship dynamics from Andre and Rhonda, but we'll have to get through it. The only question is: For how long? When will Empire return for Season 2?

Well, Fox hasn't announceda premiere date yet, but there is good news — it might be sooner than 2016. FOX Broadcasting President David Madden told The Hollywood Reporter that he "wouldn't be surprised" to see Empire come back before next midseason, but it's currently being discussed internally. That's way better than waiting a whole year for new episodes, like some other shows that seem to have endless hiatuses. Fox is also considering whether or not the network will air reruns throughout the summer, but it definitely won't have any shows that could be considered Empire clones. "As we start the next development season in the summer, the impact of Empire will be very much present," Madden said. "I'd love us to have shows that satisfy the same audience that we're drawing with Empire, but we also can't just live off of one item on the menu."

So, I guess I'll just have to wait for the real deal whenever it comes back — in the meantime, here's what I'd like to see Empire tackle in Season 2. But first, watch Bustle's drunk recap of Empire Season 1, so you know exactly what we're in for:

More About Lucious & Cookie's Past

While it's often mentioned and flashed back to, Empire still leaves a lot of questions about the Lyon family's beginnings in Philly. The series has shown us snippets of this past, but it would be great to see more. Perhaps a full flashback episode? Because the Lyons' past is just as captivating as their present.

More Music Genres

Empire Entertainment doesn't limit itself to signing hip hop stars and neither does Empire. Courtney Love has appeared as aging rocker Elle Dallas, but what about some artists from other genres? Lucious could try signing an EDM DJ millionaire (there are lots of them in real life), or how about a country star? Well, the latter might be invading Nashville territory, but it would still be fun to see.

More Gabourey Sidibe

Sidibe is a talented, Oscar-nominated actress, but she's been confined to the Empire sidelines this season as Becky Williams, Lucious' assistant. But every scene she's been in, she's totally owned and she inspired a song on the Empire soundtrack, so I think it's about time for Becky to get a promotion — and have her own storyline.

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