Hillary Clinton Accuses Republican Congress Of Building "Trifecta Against Women"

Hillary Clinton is starting to make good use of her Twitter account, and this time, it isn't just to defend herself against a brewing email scandal. On Monday, the still-unofficial Democratic presidential candidate for 2016 took to Twitter to criticize Republicans in Congress for building a "trifecta against women," referencing two initiatives currently up for debate in the GOP-led legislative branch. Clinton has yet to officially announce her candidacy for president, but her latest tweets are a good sign of what can be expected when... I mean, if she makes a run for the White House.

Clinton has said women's issues will be a major part of her campaign should she run, according to TIME. During several public events, she has repeatedly referenced the lack of equal pay for women, an issue that has proven popular among female voters. The two-part tweet blast from Clinton, who has only recently begun to be more active on social media, show that she's ready to speak out when the time, and opportunity, is right. Clinton tweeted,

That "African American woman" is Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general whose appointment has been delayed for nearly six months. A vote on Lynch's nomination was set to take place this week. Lynch, currently the U.S. attorney for eastern New York, was initially considered a shoo-in for attorney general, but more Republicans have spoken out against her nomination in recent weeks, according to CNN.


U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday that his priority is passing a human trafficking bill rather than focusing on Lynch's confirmation as attorney general. The decision has angered Democrats, who accuse McConnell of using Lynch's confirmation as a bargaining chip for the controversial bill. Democrats say they will not approve the bill because of a provision that prevents human trafficking victims from using funds to pay for an abortion.

Clinton's newest tweets are a good sign of what the Twitterverse can expect from the likely Democratic frontrunner for president next year. Clinton has only sporadically used her account since officially launching it in 2013. Her first tweet made headlines by referencing the popular "TextsFromHillary" parody account, which created the ever-popular meme of the former Secretary of State texting from a plane and wearing an impassive expression behind black sunglasses.

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