A Video Of Stassi Becomes A Huge Conversation

We finally have answers to the mystery of What Is Stassi Going Through on the Vanderpump Rules reunion. On Monday's reunion, the big topic that no one wanted to talk about during Part 1 of the reunion was finally revealed and it happened so quickly I got whiplash (and Andy Cohen did too, considering how quickly his head was whipping back and forth looking at Stassi and Scheana). Stassi revealed that she has a sex tape, of sorts, floating around amongst peers and the real reason she hates Scheana is because of Scheana's lack of defense for Stassi as a friend. It was a lot of "he said, she said," but isn't this entire show "he said, she said," and isn't that why we love it?

It all came up rather quickly. Stassi was trying to defend herself as to why she is so mean towards Scheana and made such cutting comments throughout the season (specifically about her wedding), when Stassi throws her hands up in the air (and didn't wave them like she just don't care). Instead, Stassi said, "Should I just say why I hate Scheana?" of which everyone was like "We all know why," except for Andy and me. Andy and I were gawking at the group screaming "I don't know why!!!" bringing me right back to Part 1 when everyone referenced What Is Stassi Going Through. So where does an indecent video of Stassi come into play?

Here it is. According to reports, there's a video of Stassi circling around that she sent to a boyfriend a while back, and it was being shown around to her ex-SUR friends. Scheana watched the video, which really hurt Stassi. Stassi also heard that Scheana said that Stassi should sell it to TMZ, which really upset Stassi. Scheana stands by the fact that she never said that Stassi should sell a video to TMZ, and we will probably never know what was actually said.

Scheana did apologize for watching the video, but it didn't seem like Stassi and Scheana were going to grab a Pinot Grigio any time soon, 1) Because I'm not sure Stassi is allowed at SUR again, and 2) Because Scheana said she'd throw the Pinot Grig in Stassi's face. So fun!

Images: Nicole Wilder/Bravo