Chris Soules & His 'Dancing With The Stars' Debut Surprised Fans With His Potential

When I heard that the Bachelor was heading to Dancing With the Stars I was skeptical, and for good reason. On his season of The Bachelor, Chris Soules basically danced like a dorky dad, and I didn't think he was necessarily Mirrorball material. But during the DWTS premiere, Chris Soules surprised a lot of people with his skill.

He's no Alfonso Ribeiro who won last season with Chris' current partner Witney Carson, but like the judges said, Chris has potential. Though they were quick to compare his dancing to like he was "chasing a hog," they also praised his charisma and chemistry with Witney. (Not the Whitney that won The Bachelor!)

The number was a pretty cute one, and fiancee Whitney Bischoff was on hand to watch along with Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Chris Soules drew upon his rural background to produce a country-style jive to "Footloose" and earned a 26 out of 40. It definitely wasn't the best performance of the night, but you could tell Chris was having a blast and is eager to learn. But most importantly he impressed the doubters on night one, so things should get significantly easier from now on.

If fans keep him in the game next week he should only continue to improve, and from what people were saying on Twitter his future looks as bright as an engagement ring!