Sara Faked Her Abduction To Keep Lindy Safe On 'Eye Candy,' But Who Or What Is Causing Her To Run?

Eye Candy fans, that's it. This show has to get renewed. Even after the reveal of the Flirtual Killer as Jake Bolin, Lindy's boyfriend, things are still getting interesting as the story behind Sara's kidnapping three years ago is much more complicated than any of us could have believed from the start of the series. Too much was left in the open in the Season 1 finale from the obvious romantic tension between Lindy and Tommy (Tindy forever!), to the new specifics of Sara's case. Seriously guys, I need more Eye Candy right now.

During Lindy's trip on Hart's Island where she discovers Jake's true identity, Jake presents Lindy with an iPad that apparently has new information he discovered while looking for clues into Sara's abduction. After quite a bit of struggle and Jake's arrest, Lindy finally decides to leave behind her New York life and go in search of her sister. She plays the file on the iPad and sees her sister getting out of the van into which she was forced during her kidnap, and then meeting up with her boyfriend from the pilot episode. She then says, "At least now they'll be safe. At least now Lindy will be safe." What does that mean? Who's "they"? And who or what could cause Sara such terror that she believes only a permanent separation from her sister will do the trick to protect them?

One plausible theory is that maybe Lindy and Sara's father scares Sara so much that she wanted to be separated from Lindy so that their father would have a much harder time finding them. But the question then would be why doesn't Lindy seem all that afraid of him when she mentions that he was in prison to Catherine Shaw? During an interview with TVLine, Eye Candy executive producer Christian Taylor did state that if the series gets a second season, the Sara kidnap conspiracy will be developed and it will have something to do with the Sampson girls' father. So it's entirely possible that he's much darker or at the very least there's much more to him than just being a guy in prison.

Images: MTV; dyingtoconnect/Tumblr