The Flirtual Killer Is Revealed

by Keertana Sastry

He did it! That giant jerk did it! As I had originally suspected when the series began, it looks like Jake Bolin, Lindy's hunky Australian boyfriend, is the Flirtual Killer on Eye Candy. And while all of us Tindy fans can now celebrate that Jake will no longer be ruining the romance curve for our favorite pairing on the series anymore, there is one big problem with Jake's reveal as the killer: He's currently on a boat to Hart Island with Lindy alone to discover if Sarah really died and was buried out there. Or at least, that's why he told Lindy they were going there.

When Monday night's episode of Eye Candy began, it seemed Jake was doing his good boyfriend duties by supporting Lindy in her now solo quest to try and find out what happened to her sister Sarah, as she no longer trusted the police to work with them to solve any mystery, let alone one as important as Sarah's kidnapping and possible death. So Lindy went investigating and filled Jake in on all of her successes and failures. Meanwhile, Tommy's boss of the Cyber Crimes Unit, Catherine Shaw, was attacked in her home by the Flirtual Killer, but he just couldn't get the job done as she fought back with the most amazing force and survived, barely.

Thankfully for Jake (at least for a little bit) Shaw was in a coma for most of the episode and couldn't reveal his identity. However, Tommy was on the case and found that Connor's boss Hamish was in fact somehow related to the site Babylon that the Flirtual Killer frequented. Through some detective work and sneaking gone wrong, he and Connor got caught by Hamish who struck up a deal: His immunity in exchange for shutting down Babylon and giving them a clue to the killer's identity.

Obviously Tommy took the deal and discovered that Reiss — the d-bag who liked cars that Lindy went out with and was later killed — was not killed by the Flirtual Killer himself. In fact, his photo was posted on Babylon with a cash reward for someone to murder Reiss. And that's when Tommy figured it out. Jake's alibi that he was at Lindy's party the night of her abduction and Reiss' murder was a lie. Jake's true identity as the killer was later confirmed by Catherine when she woke up out of her coma.

So what's to come of Lindy now? Obviously, she's about to find out her boyfriend is a crazy stalker-murderer, but who knows where she is headed at the moment? Also, how did Jake also kill Tessa when he was technically out of town with Lindy? There are still lots of mysteries to wrap on in the upcoming Eye Candy seaosn finale. But when it comes to how Lindy will get out of this mess, there are two things I can count on: Lindy's fierce will to live and her intelligence, and Tommy's insane determination to protect her. Time to do your jobs guys. It's literally do or die time.

Images: MTV