Dwayne Johnson Sings Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" In 'Lip Sync Battle' & It's Just A Taste Of The '1989' Medley Sure To Come — VIDEO

It was only a teaser. How did it end up like this? The upcoming Spike show Lip Sync Battle premieres on April 2, and anyone who hadn't heard of it or who was thinking of not watching it is definitely going to change their mind after the 30 second teaser that Spike has released. Why? Because the first ten seconds of the teaser is devoted to Dwayne Johnson lip synching Taylor Swift and performing it better than she ever has. (Okay, maybe not better. But, hey, they sound just alike!) The song the man formerly known as The Rock chose to lip sync was Swift's dance hit "Shake It Off," and you'll need to shake off the tears in your eyes from laughing so hard after you watch the teaser. It's just that good.

Johnson doesn't even properly get to finish the song before the teaser is moving on to other things, other celebrities, other battles, but he stole the show in the clip. Hell, I'd watch the show just to see this moment play out in realtime alone. However, now that someone has put the idea of Johnson and Swift together in my head, I'm already clamoring for more. Who says he has to stop at "Shake It Off?" There are so many songs on 1989 that would become ten times more epic if performed by The Rock.

Okay, so all the songs on 1989 would become ten times more epic if performed at The Rock, but still. If he performed a medley of the following songs, my life would truly be complete.

"Blank Space"

I think there can be no doubt at this point that Johnson is a phenomenal comedic actor, so a song like "Blank Space" would be perfect for him. If he acted out even a portion of the music video — or added some craziness of his own — I would literally laugh so hard I would hurt myself.

"Bad Blood"

Bonus points if he opens the song with, "CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'?!" You know, because it's a song about being in a feud with someone, and he used to be a wrestler. Get it? Get it?


Can we just take a moment to imagine The Rock singing this sultry song that everyone knows Swift wrote about Harry Styles? Can we also take a moment to imagine if this was the song he chose in order to lip sync battle against Styles himself? Someone please make this happen.

"New Romantics"

This fun and peppy 1989 bonus track is on "Shake It Off" levels of fun, as far as I'm concerned. I can already see Johnson winking at me as he declares that the best people in life are free, so come on, along with me. I'd be out of my seat to follow him in seconds.

"Welcome to New York"

Triple bonus points if this song is not sung in New York. Quadruple bonus points if it is.

"How You Get The Girl"

This song is a simple, romantic fairy tale — so the idea of The Rock singing it delights me to absolutely no end. I want there to be glitter, perhaps a fairy godmother wand, the full Disney treatment. I want The Rock to teach me how to get the girl, Disney Princess style. I want a lot of things, you guys, and it's all this teaser's fault.

Check out the teaser below.

Image: awkwardtaylorswiftdancing/Tumblr (6)