If Cisco Discovers Harrison Wells Is Reverse-Flash, There Are Really Only 2 Ways 'The Flash' Can Go

It's been almost a month since The Flash went on a short hiatus, and man, that wait has been long. Now that the show is back, it's time to get down to the most important storylines of this season, like the fact that Harrison Wells is totally Reverse-Flash. There's just one other thing — one thing that can open up a thousand different cans of worms. Slowly, Cisco has suspected that Wells is hiding something on The Flash. What if Cisco discovers the whole truth? I'm talking a full-on reveal, Cisco sees the yellow suit and secret lair, and learns that Wells has a foot in the future. How will he deal with it? And really, how will he even begin to try to process what kind of new revelations that will bring?

For the most part, Cisco is a pretty reasonable guy. He has a pretty level head for everything that's happening in his life, and is the go-to guy for nicknames, after all. But how would something as serious as Wells' secret affect him?

It's bound to happen eventually, and I guess it all comes down to exactly how it happens. If it's a sudden, shocking BIG REVEAL, I doubt Cisco will deal with it in a cool and calm manner. But if it's a slow reveal over an extended period of time, he might handle things a little bit better.

So, first scenario: a surprising, all-at-once reveal. Cisco walks in on Wells while he's in the process of hiding his yellow super suit, or accidentally discovers his secret lair in S.T.A.R. Labs. CIsco will probably freak out about it. Wouldn't you, if you discovered that your mentor — for practically all things in life — has been keeping this big secret from you this whole time? Cisco is already clued into the fact that Joe West is suspicious of Wells. This kind of reveal will probably send Cisco far over the edge, and not in a good way. Remember how he threw down with Hartley? I'm thinking something like that, but with the addition of serious betrayal.

But, and this is a huge but, what happens if Harrison reveals the truth himself, and does so slowly? I think in that case, Cisco might be OK with it. Wells is his mentor, and the scientist does appear to be a pretty convincing guy when he needs to be. So what happens if Wells reveals this Reverse-Flash thing to Cisco in a totally scientific manner, and explains that he's doing it for the good of Barry and everyone in Central City? As much as I love Cisco, I think he could be easily swayed with reasoning like that, which would claim that Wells isn't doing all of this for evil, but rather science purposes.

How this reveal actually does go down will factor into whether or not Cisco keeps this secret, or tells everyone about it. If it's a huge shock, yeah, he's going to tell everyone, and maybe tweet it out a few hundred times, too. But if there's a more calculated, scientific approach, he just might be convinced to keep Wells' big secret.

Either way, this reveal would lead to a whole other slew of Flash issues, and the lines between good and bad will really be blurred, so let's cross that bridge when we come to it, OK? For now, Cisco has a sinking feeling about Wells, and it's all going to come to light eventually.

Images: Cate Cameron/CW; Wifflegif