Prince Harry Is Leaving The Army, So Here Are Some Activities He Can Do With His Free Time

This is a pretty big life milestone for everyone's favorite royal ginger. Turns out, Prince Harry will be leaving the army this year. You may be asking yourself: How will he keep himself busy now? Will he take up basket weaving? Will he start online dating? Perhaps he'll just take some much needed me time.

As a Tuesday statement released by Kensington Palace confirms, Harry will be retiring from the military following a four-week long stint in which will end in June. The princely ginger has spent a decade of his life in the service, during which he did two tours in Afghanistan. He reportedly said that it was "a really tough decision" to leave his post, but that he's a crucial "crossroads" in his life. But ultimately, it sounds like he wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

"I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do some very challenging jobs and have met many fantastic people in the process," he said in the statement. Harry! You're gonna make us cry :,(

According to the BBC, Hair-bear has a few things on his agenda following his retirement, including a royal tour in New Zealand and some volunteer work with disabled veterans in Africa. Afterwards, the prince will be weighing his career options. Even as royalty, the job hunt must be a pretty a daunting, existentially difficult thing to deal with.

In my humble opinion, he should take this free time to do a bit of soul-searching. If he's looking for something to do other than prince-ing and writing cover letters, here are a few things he could focus his time and energy on while he's between jobs.


Even if those Prince Harry/Emma Watson rumors turned out not to be true, it may be fun for Harry to get out there in the dating scene. After all, he's stated in the past that he wants a family. Plus, you can learn a whole lot about yourself and what you want (or don't want) in life by sitting down by going on a bunch of awkward coffee dates.

Hanging Out With Prince George

Because Harry has plenty of free time at the moment, why not use it to bond with his nephew? George is in the "becoming a person" stage of his life, and I'm sure it would be very rewarding for him to be around. Think of all the fun trips to the zoo they could take!

Going On A Yoga Retreat

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No matter how rewarding it is, ten years in the military probably throws off your zen rather considerably. Perhaps Harry would be interested in going on a yoga retreat in order to help him get centered. If nothing else, it would be a good story to tell.


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Being between jobs is a great time to see the world. Although I'm sure that Harry has done plenty of this already (in his life-long post as a prince), perhaps there are a few things that he hasn't yet checked off his sight-seeing bucket list. If I were him, I would go on a Game of Thrones location tour. Just a thought.

Guest Starring On Downton Abbey

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Would anything be more meta than having a member of the British aristocracy on a show about the British aristocracy? Also, how hilarious would it be to cast him as a member of the downstairs crew? I smell an opportunity for some AMAZING irony.

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