13 Signs You're The Hanna Marin Of Your Friend Group, Because We All Know She's 'Pretty Little Liars' Greatest Gem

There are a handful of things Pretty Little Liars fans know to be true after five seasons of the ABC Family series — Ali really can't be trusted (even though she puts on a good show), Ezra definitely didn't forget the chickpeas, and Hanna Marin is easily the greatest Liar in Rosewood. Sure, you've been haunted by the PLL theory that Hanna might be A, but that doesn't mean you don't want to be her. And that definitely hasn't deterred you from making Haleb your ultimate relationship goals. It's simple, Hanna is the best — thus, I totally get you for wanting to be the Hanna Marin of your friend group.

I mean, let's just think about this for a second — Hanna is secretly super-smart (it's so big of a secret that even she doesn't get it), she's dating the hottest guy in Rosewood (bless Haleb), she's got a killer sense of humor, and don't even get me started on that embellished Rosewood leather jacket she's got (seriously, where can I buy one?). Hanna's the total package and she doesn't even know it, which should make you want to be her even more. So, are you the Hanna Marin of your friend group? If these 13 things sound like you, congratulations, you might not win a beauty pageant, but you were always too cool for that, anyway.

You've Got The Best Dance Moves & You Steal The Show With Them Always

And you're not afraid to show them off. Seriously, you commit to that music and you BREAK IT DOWN.

You Know The Value Of A Good Sale

"Never pay full price," that's what a Hanna would say. And speaking of shopping...

You Have Easily The Best Style Of Your Group

Embellished leather jacket? Check. The perfect outfit for every situation? Check. (Well, maybe.)

Everyone Wants To Date Your Boyfriend

Your friends want to bottle up his essence and use to it clone him — even ghosts want to be his better half. You're one lucky girl.

You Think Tents Are Super Sexy

You're not an outdoors person, but there's just something about temporary dwellings.

You Talk About Yourself In The Third Person

And you do so with enough authority that no one can judge or complain.

Your Loyalty Is As Fierce As Your Fashion Sense

You're not afraid to show people exactly why they shouldn't mess with you or your friends.

You Know Your Way Around A Harry Potter Reference

Because you're perfect.

You Have At Least 20 Pinterest Boards That You Update Regularly

How else are you supposed to prepare for life?

You're The Smartest Person In The Room, But You Don't Go Bragging About It

You could be a Spencer, but who really cares that you got a near-perfect score on your SATs? Not you, that's for sure.

You Know How To Handle Authority Figures

By being utterly charming, duh.

You Have Absolutely No Trouble Speaking Your Mind

And if people don't like it, too bad for them.

And, Above All Else, You Have The Biggest Heart

Even though you're freaking awesome — this is the real reason why people love you so damn much.

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