Are You The Spencer Of Your Friend Group?

The friendship between the girls on Pretty Little Liars may have gotten far more democratic after Queen Bee Alison was out of the picture, but, if the liars had to elect a leader, I have no doubt that the person they would choose is Spencer. The girl is barely 18 years old and already has her life far more together than the adults she interacts with. Spencer is whip smart and ambitious, with a vocabulary rivaling a dictionary and more fun facts in her brain than a Jeopardy board. She's also the only liar I really trust to get a handle on this whole A thing — sorry, guys.

We need a few more Spencers in this world to keep it running smoothly. Sure, Spencer isn't perfect (even if her report cards are), but she's definitely one TV character we could all stand to be just a little bit more like — unless you're already at Spencer-level, of course. How can you tell if you're the Spencer of your own friend group? Trust me, there are ways. Here are the signs that suggest you're totally your friend's Spencer. (So congratulations, you awesome human being.)

1. When you study, you go HARD

That's what coffee was invented for, right?

2. Getting a B is so far from acceptable it's not even funny

Or for "be better."

3. Sometimes you know trying to be perfect is stressful

OK, OK... maybe you can settle for an A-?

4. But even you have to remind people that you're not perfect

Sorry not sorry that you can't be flawless.

5. You're always giving the best piece of advice

All. Times.

6. You know a jaunty hat goes with everything

Fedora, newsboy, long-brimmed... you rock them all.

7. You're way tougher than you look...

You may wear sweaters and penny loafers, but you're scrappy when you need to be!

8. ...especially when you need to defend your friends

They know how lucky they are to have you in their corner.

9. You're totally OK with telling it like it is

Even if it's a little harsh.

10. You're super on top of your vocab game

The SAT verbal section was a piece of cake for you.

11. If you were in the Scooby Gang, you'd totally be the Velma

Sorry, Spence... once a Velma, always a Velma.

12. You can be just a bit cynical...

It's not like you have a dark cloud looming overhead at all times, but you're not exactly sunshine and rainbows 24/7, either.

13. ...but food can solve 90 percent of those problems, anyway

Ugh. Exactly.

14. Being emotionally vulnerable isn't your thing

If you have to cry, go outside, right?

15. But when you get mad, ohhhh boy

The claws come out.

16. Still, you're pretty sweet

Most of the time! You promise!

17. But mostly, you know exactly who you are

Which is a smart, ambitious, sleuthing rockstar. Congrats.

Images: Giphy (15); little-lies-little-trust; lezzbehonestplease/tumblr