What To Wear To Bonnaroo This Year

by Hayli Goode

Aside from an amazingly fun, loud and cultural experience, summer music festivals are almost like summer's first round of fashion shows. If you already hit Coachella, deciding what to wear to Bonnaroo to make you stand out from the typical floral headbands and crop tops is your next mission for the season.

Bonnaroo is arguably the Midwest's largest music festival. About 60 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee, the music festival is held on a 700-acre farm. According to Bonnaroo's website, the "little" farm becomes the 7th largest city in the United States overnight. Meaning, fashionistas from all over the country unite all for the love of indie music and crop tops.

Of course, being in one of the country's suddenly largest cities means you want to look your best — and feel your best through an entire weekend of dancing. Putting together flawless outfits for three straight days of full-day outdoor music is a difficult task. When the days are blistering and the nights are cool, how do you keep warm enough for post-sundown without sweating off your festival makeup off during the day? From boho to preppy and everything in between, these seven outfits are (basically) guaranteed to get you street style'd.

1. Rainbow Brite

It's summertime! Wear tie-dye shorts and an ice cream shirt. Pair this ensemble with every color of hair chalk imaginable. Those tennis shoes, while fun, will keep you so comfortable all day long.

2. Hepburn-Esque

You can still look like your favorite classic style-icon while jamming to your favorite band with your best friends — as long as you update it with a few festival-cool touches. This tulle-skirt is the perfect option for a summer music festival because it's airy enough to keep you cool, but layered well to keep you warm at night.

3. Boho

Wearing a romper is just about the easiest way to get dressed in the morning. They're especially great for music festivals — or any time you have to travel — since it means packing one less item. Go overboard on fringe with this floral vest and neutral belt. Protect yourself from the sun with a floppy hat and sunnies.

4. Grunge

I'm eternally envious of those of you who can wake up and make the simplest of clothes look effortlessly awesome. High waisted shorts and a crop top are basically required festival wear. Stay cool by keeping your hair back with a bandana, and keep warm at night with a plaid shirt you can slip on or off, dependent on how much you dance.

5. Sweet

Because sweet girls like indie music, too. Be the cutest-dressed girl at Bonnaroo with these adorable lace shorts, tied denim shirt, and floral jacket. There's no limit to how many candy-colored jewels you can layer on top.

6. Athletic

Sporty girls do fashion festivals well by simply wearing what you would to the gym. We're so lucky athlesiure is hip right now. Pull out your old varsity jacket to wear when the night gets cooler.

7. Preppy

Crisp, classy, and perfectly assembled style for a music festival festival is easier than it looks. Bonnaroo is the perfect time to try out all your favorite pieces at once.

Oh, and if all else fails, you can totally get away with denim cutoffs and an old tee. After all, you're probably going to get dirty with all that dancing.