'PLL' Would Be Like, Totally Diff In The 90s

For five seasons now, we've watched as A stalked, terrorized, and tormented our Pretty Little Liars in almost every single way imaginable. Whether it be through menacing texts or surprise packages found on their doorstep, A's reign of terror has been a constant force to be reckoned with. But what if this series took place in a different decade — one where technological advances weren't as easy to come by? More specifically, what if Pretty Little Liars took place in the '90s instead of the present day? Because, believe it or not, we're getting to the point where the '90s were kind of a long time ago. (Seriously, guys, I feel old.) And a lot has changed since that point in time — so much so that it would've caused a massive shift in A's plans.

You see, right now, one of A's main advantages is that he/she has the world of LTE and social media at his/her disposal. Between Facebook check-ins and tweets, we all have the knowledge and power to be the A of our friend group. (Not that I ever would, of course.) But the information is there and ready to be used at the swipe of an iPhone. Take that aspect away and it makes you wonder what this series would be like in a pre-millennial world. And as it turns out, I just so happen to have a few ideas on the matter…

Threatening Texts Would Become Threatening Pages

Yeah, remember when pagers and beepers used to be a thing? Forget those clever little rhyme-y warnings A likes to dole out to the Liars. You can only fit a few words on those things at a time. (Kinda puts that whole 140 characters limit into perspective, doesn't it?) Good luck trying to decode those things, ladies.

And Those Who Did Have Cell Phones Wouldn't Fair Much Better

Yeah, good luck lugging those bulky things around. No way that's going to fit into anyone's pocket, which kinda turns the convenience into more of a hindrance. Not to mention that it pretty much just has the same functions as a regular house phone. (Back then, the only app choices you have are the ones you order at a restaurant before your main meal.)

That Means Your Note Passing Skills Would Have To Be On Fleek

I'm talking professionally folded ones with the (not-so) cryptic messages on the outside, like "For your eyes only" or "RSVP ASAP." Oh yeah. Fingerprint recognition has got nothing on these powerful words of warning.

The Liars' Friendship Bracelets Would All Be Snap Bracelets

Judge me if you want, but I still think these things are really cool. Can we make these popular again, please?

Creepy Dolls Would Be Replaced By Creepy Furbys, Beanie Babies & Troll Dolls

They may be considered collectors items these days, but in my opinion, anything that has jewels in its belly button is not to be trusted.

Snail Mail Would Be the Norm

Let's just say that A would have to have a lot of stamps saved up.

A's Black Hoodie Would Be a Starter Jacket

Just imagine the surprise when it's revealed that A is a Chicago Bulls fan. (Watch out, Caleb!)

Answering the Phone Was Always a Crap Shoot

Unless you were one of the few to have Caller ID, there was no way of knowing if it was a friend or foe on the line until you actually answered the call. And if you were already on the phone with someone, you ran the risk of missing other important calls. Can you imagine A having to listen to a busy signal? Who even remembers what that sounds like?

Dial Up Would Slow Things Down… A Lot

If the Liars were hoping to research something important concerning A, they'd probably have better luck at the library than at their home computer, where even establishing an internet connection was a process. Also, scheming would have to be put on hold whenever their parents needed to use the phone because remember that fun little feature?

Ezra Would Have Frosted Tips in an Attempt to Be Cool

Because of course he would.

Hiding Places Would Have to Be Much Bigger

No more hiding small flash drives in book binds, my friends. Floppy discs and massive camcorders take up significant space, people!

Clues Would Be Found in Mad Libs & the Fortune Teller Game

And if A was feeling very crafty, then maybe even via View Master.

Talkboy & Talkgirl Would Be the Liars Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Without a cell phone to record things, these gadgets could prove to be powerful evidence against A's wrath. (Though, if they were looking for something a little less bulky, I'd suggest maybe a Yak Back.)

Caleb Would Need A New Skill

After all, it's harder to know how to hack into stuff when computers and the internet aren't nearly as common place. So unless he could charm A with his adorableness, Caleb would need a new way to contribute to the group — preferably something that involves him being shirtless most of the time.

Everyone's Tracking & Stalking Skills Would Need To Be Heightened

Without being able to rely on lap top tracking signals or car GPS systems, this gang would have to have to become super stealthy, Seth Cohen-style.

Emily & Hanna's Dance Routine Would've Been To a Spice Girls Song

I'm thinking either "Wannabe" or "Spice Up Your Life."

Liars Fashion Would Consist of Plaid, Overalls, Platform Sneakers & Scrunchies

Of course, they'd totally still be able to make it all work, though. No one does fashion better than these ladies, regardless of what decade we're in.

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