Celebrate St. Patty's With Harry's Irish Accent

by Nicole Pomarico

It's no secret that Harry Styles from One Direction is a man of many talents. Obviously, he can sing, and occasionally even write songs. Some would say he can dance, but I would beg to differ. And no one can argue with the fact that he has the skill to successfully grow enough hair to tie back into his beloved man bun. But one talent he has that you might not be aware of? Harry Styles does a killer Irish accent, which he typically whips out anytime he wants to make fun of the most Irish member of One Direction, Niall Horan. Of course, he's had an advantage being around Horan all these years, but for a guy from a very British area of the UK, it's not too shabby!

I'd even go so far as to call it impressive, honestly, especially since Irish accents are hard to get right, unless you're OK with sounding like the guy from the Lucky Charms box. And like most things Styles does, he pulls it off both flawlessly and hilariously. And luckily, when he pulls out his accent when Horan's around, he always seems to be a pretty good sport about it.

For your enjoyment, I now present to you Harry Styles' best Irish accents, all in one place for your convenience. These videos probably won't be new to most dedicated Styles fans, but they're definitely hilarious regardless of how many times you might have seen them.

When He Answers An Interview Question As Horan

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 in 2011, Horan was asked why he was a fan of the Darby County Football Club. Instead of Horan answering for himself, Styles took it upon himself to answer for him in his Irish accent. This is probably the best example of Styles' accent skills, because he sounds exactly like Horan. Like, seriously, if I was listening to this on the radio as intended, I would have had no idea it wasn't Horan talking. Fast forward to minute 10:10 to hear Styles in action.

When He Does An Irish Accent On Request

During one of One Direction's earliest world tours, they had a segment of the show every night where they'd answer questions fans sent in from Twitter. When one fan asked him to do an Irish accent, he obliged — even if it is hard to hear exactly what he's saying with all the screaming. Honestly, can you blame the girls in the audience? I'd scream too if Styles was in my presence.

When He Lived Life Like An Irishman In Dublin

When in Dublin, do as the Irish do: imitate the way they talk and do a jig. Actually, if you're not Harry Styles and you find yourself in Ireland, maybe don't do that.

When He Was Selling Two Bananas For A Pound

I don't know why he was saying these words or how this was an Irish accent, but it totally was. And it's basically further proof of how adorable Styles has always been.