Proof Joey Tribbiani Is Your Personal Life Coach

by Rachel Semigran

Chandler tends to get a lot of love when it comes to the men of Friends, but personally, I think Joey Tribbiani is the real gem of the bunch. He's everything you need in a fella: He's loyal, he follows his heart, and he really loves sandwiches. Anyone who can share my love of meat and cheese between bread takes the win. Every time.

But seriously, Joey was also more than just the lovable hunk who couldn't pronounce "supposedly." He was often the emotional rock for his friends — think about how he took care of Phoebe after David left, or how he kept Monica and Chandler's secret for so long. Joey was the best friend of Friends, if I do say so myself... even if he made everyone sit through his terrible plays from time to time.

Joey isn't just the best friend for Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe, though — Joey will be there for you, too. He's full of advice and encouragement when it comes to anything from enjoying a failed attempt at trifle to confidently going after the one you love/lust. If we all lived like Joey Tribbiani from time to time, I bet we'd all be a lot happier.

Here's how following the word of Joey can inspire you to be your best self.

Always Speak Honestly and Directly


Be Open-Minded

We're all people. We all love sandwiches.

Set Boundaries

If you can't respect your partner's eating preferences, then you aren't meant to be.

Celebrate Your Body

Love yourself and the world will follow.

Never Give Up, No Matter What

No Joey, a dinosaur would NOT give up.

We All Struggle With Hard Decisions Every Day

Don't. We. All.

React Calmly and Rationally to Emergencies

I would have done the same, Joe.

Don't Apologize for Every Little Thing

It's a sign of weakness! Apologize when you really mean it. Chocolate is not one of those times.

Consider the Feelings of Others

It's a classic and it always works.

Choose Your Battles

Sometimes it really is easier and more productive to just let it slide.

Know Who You Are

I applaud that kind of candor and self-awareness.

When Facing a Problem, Follow Occam's Razor

The simplest solution is usually the right one.

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