What Do The 'Sound of Music' Von Trapp Children Look Like Now? It's Been 50 Years, So They're Not Exactly Kids These Days

It has been a whopping 50 years since The Sound of Music was released, which is amazing for so many reasons. 1) Julie Andrews is still incredible (duh). 2) People still love the movie as much as when it came out (Hey, Lady Gaga). 3) The Von Trapp children are still one of the best singing families ever. Even though the Von Trapp children were super obedient and wore uniforms in the beginning of the movie, it wasn't that far out of the realm of believability for this only-child to desperately want to be one of them. Liesl, Fredrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl were all so great on their own, but together, they were unstoppable (even though we all had a favorite Von Trapp child, let's be honest).

With 50 years past, the Von Trapp children still live on and probably can't shake their iconic roles, no matter what they're doing in life. But really, how can one pass up the opportunity to ask Duane Chase (Kurt) to hit that high note in "So Long, Farewell?" Answer: You can't. According to multiple sources (and the Oprah special the actors did a few years ago), the Von Trapp children are still close to this day, which warms the depths of my heart. Here are the Von Trapp children then (1965) and now.

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Then: Charmian Carr as Liesl Von Trapp

Charmian Carr played Liesl, the eldest Von Trapp child.

Images: 20th Century Fox

Now: Charmian Carr

Charmian Carr now owns an interior design firm. One of her clients was Michael Jackson, who hired her because he loved the movie. Carr has written two books about her time as Liesl and filming The Sound of Music, Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl.

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Then: Nicholas Hammond as Friedrich Von Trapp

Nicholas Hammond played Friedrich Von Trapp, the eldest male child.

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Now: Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond played Peter Parker and Spiderman in the TV series The Amazing Spider-Man, making him the first live-action Peter Parker. Hammond once said that the Von Trapp children are his best friends in the entire world, which is honestly the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

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Then: Heather Menzies-Urich as Louisa Von Trapp

Heather Menzies played Louisa Von Trapp in the 1965 film.

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Now: Heather Menzies-Urich

Heather Menzies-Urich (pictured with Duane Chase) hasn’t had a credited role since 1990, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t acting after Sound of Music. During her career, Menzies-Urich was in shows like Logan Run, The Love Boat, Vega$, and The Bob Newhart Show. She was married to Robert Urich (not pictured), until his death in 2002.

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Then: Duane Chase as Kurt Von Trapp

Duane Chase played Kurt Von Trapp who hits that high-note like a real champ in “So Long, Farewell.”

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Now: Duane Chase

Duane Chase isn’t in the film industry anymore. Instead, Chase is a computer software engineer, per his LinkedIn profile (which is amazing). He has a masters in geology, which seems like something Kurt would also like to study.

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Then: Angela Cartwright as Brigitta Von Trapp

Angela Cartwright played Brigitta, who called Maria out on her ugly dress.

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Now: Angela Cartwright

Angela Cartwright is now an artist. She has a very intricate website that includes many photos (“scrapbooks”) that Cartwright has captioned with amazing behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

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Then: Debbie Turner as Marta Von Trapp

Debbie Turner played Marta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music.

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Now: Debbie Turner

Debbie Turner didn’t do too much in Hollywood after Sound of Music (she only had one other role). According to her Twitter bio, Turner is an international floral designer and has “won some cool awards!”

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Then: Kym Karath as Gretl Von Trapp

Kim Karath played the adorably sleepy Gretl Von Trapp.

Images: 20th Century Fox

Now: Kim Karath

Kim Karath hasn’t done much acting recently, her most recent role being credited in 1981. She is very active in the Sound of Music community, much like her other co-stars, sharing pictures on her Twitter account of behind-the-scenes.

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Now: The Von Trapp Family

Plus, of course, the incomparable, Julie Andrews.

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