What Do The 'Sound of Music' Von Trapp Children Look Like Now? It's Been 50 Years, So They're Not Exactly Kids These Days

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It has been a whopping 50 years since The Sound of Music was released, which is amazing for so many reasons. 1) Julie Andrews is still incredible (duh). 2) People still love the movie as much as when it came out (Hey, Lady Gaga). 3) The Von Trapp children are still one of the best singing families ever. Even though the Von Trapp children were super obedient and wore uniforms in the beginning of the movie, it wasn't that far out of the realm of believability for this only-child to desperately want to be one of them. Liesl, Fredrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl were all so great on their own, but together, they were unstoppable (even though we all had a favorite Von Trapp child, let's be honest).

With 50 years past, the Von Trapp children still live on and probably can't shake their iconic roles, no matter what they're doing in life. But really, how can one pass up the opportunity to ask Duane Chase (Kurt) to hit that high note in "So Long, Farewell?" Answer: You can't. According to multiple sources (and the Oprah special the actors did a few years ago), the Von Trapp children are still close to this day, which warms the depths of my heart. Here are the Von Trapp children then (1965) and now.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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