Caroline Is A Total Badass Feminist On 'TVD'

Remember back when it was rare for a female to be given a powerful, dynamic part to play on TV that extended beyond the reaches of housewife duties? Thankfully, nowadays our small screens are overflowing with strong leading roles for strong leading ladies that never fail to leave us captivated and inspired at every turn. One character that immediately comes to my mind as a example of such awesomeness is The Vampire Diaries ' very own Caroline Forbes, who has proven to be one badass feminist throughout her time on the popular CW series.

Though an outsider might be quick to take her innocent smile and blonde hair as a sign of innocence or even weakness, let me assure you that Miss Forbes is quite the force to be reckoned with and underestimating her abilities as both a vampire and a person is not only foolish, but downright dangerous. I mean, there's a reason Klaus — aka the most powerful Original vampire in existence — finds her so alluring. He sees a resilience in her, which only further proves how utterly fierce she can be when push comes to shove.

Still not convinced? Then allow Caroline herself to compel you with further evidence to her badassery. And by the end of this post, I guarantee you'll come to love this Mystic Falls heroine just as much as I do.

She Appreciates The Importance of a Good Meal

There's no time to waste when innocent lives are at stake. Food equals fuel. Priorities, people!

She Knows What Her Friendship Is Worth

Sometimes a simple "I'm sorry" just won't cut it. If you want her continued friendship, you have to prove you're worthy.

No Man Can Control Her

Not even the likes of Klaus Mikaelson can bend this girl to his will.

She's The Ultimate Voice Of Reason

You can't deny, it paints a pretty accurate picture, doesn't it?

She Looks Out For The People She Loves

You will never find a stronger friend to lean on when crisis hits.

She Scoffs At Outdated Fairytale Stereotypes

You won't find a damsel in distress around here.

She's Well Aware Of Her Limits

Even with her humanity switched off, Caroline knows just how far she can take her vampire bloodlust without killing someone, which is more than can be said for either Stefan or Elena.

She Isn't Afraid To Speak Hard Truths

Which, let's be honest, we were all thinking it.

And Refuses To Conform To What Others Think She Should Care About

You do you, girl. You. Do. You.

Basically, Caroline Forbes is the best vampire out there. Bow down to her greatness.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW; Giphy (6); careforbesgifs/Tumblr (3)