Caroline Gives Stefan An Epic Ultimatum on 'TVD'

Boy is it good to be back. After what's felt like years of torturous waiting (OK, so it was only a few weeks, but you catch my drift), The Vampire Diaries returned and focused on "The Downward Spiral" of Caroline Forbes. If you recall, Caroline had flipped off her humanity switch as a way to avoid dealing with her grief over her mom's death. And though I was initially afraid Steroline would take a massive hit because of this, the end result turned out to be pretty epic because Stefan has now turned off his humanity as well, and it's all because of Caroline.

But I'm getting ahead of myself as per usual. We knew this version of Caroline would be unlike anything we've seen from this character before. So I was very curious to see what an emotionless Caroline would be like. And as it turns out — much like all the different versions of Caroline we've come to know over these years — she's pretty amazing. Well, murder and bloodshed aside, of course. But, to be fair, she only turned evil when Elena and Stefan refused to stick to their side of the bargain.

At first, she went about handling her cravings and desires very logically. For example, deciding not to kill Liam because she didn't want to carry his body all the way into the woods in heels. (Like I said, practical!) And it's what inspired her to make a deal with her Mystic Falls gang: If they let her have one year of humanity-less freedom, she promised not to kill anyone. But if any of them tried to make her flip her switch, she'd become their worst nightmare. So, naturally, that's exactly what Stefan did.

As it turns out, this younger Salvatore is Caroline's emotional trigger and came very, very close to pulling her back from the dark side when he finally admitted his true feelings for her. Unfortunately, however, that alone wasn't enough and prompted Caroline to make good on her threat. She compelled Liam to perform surgery on Stefan's niece, Sarah Salvatore, which would ultimately kill her, unless Stefan agreed to turn off his humanity switch as well. (That way he'd no longer be an emotional threat to her.) And thanks to Elena's terrible vampire skills (seriously, you couldn't figure out Liam's location when he's in the same building?!), Stefan agreed to the terms.

So there you have it. Steroline now consists of two non-emotional vamps that no longer have a care in the world. Just a love for margaritas. In other words, I'm INTO it. Honestly, I cannot wait to see how this newfound dynamic duo plays out. And as a parting gif, I decided to compile some of my favorite Caroline lines from the evening because, come on, they were pretty amazing. Enjoy!

  • "You're really cute. Are you a doctor yet?" - Caroline to Liam, who is, I guess, still on this show.
  • "Oh Bonnie, how we've all missed your commentary." - Caroline in reaction to Bonnie's big return.
  • "Thanks for coming, by the way. Kidding!" - Caroline to Enzo about not attending her mom's funeral.
  • "Wow, you are so boring. No wonder Elena didn't pick you." - Caroline to Liam because TRUTH.
  • "I compelled a med student to perform surgery on Stefan's niece and you found a way to make this about you. God you truly have a gift, Elena." - Caroline, saying what we've all been thinking for years.

Images: Guy D'Alema/The CW; The CW [screen grab]