This 'The Walking Dead' Trailer Is the Most Honest One You'll Ever See

Look, I love The Walking Dead, but even I can admit — sometimes, this show borders on ridiculous. Like that one time when Rick was riding a horse through Atlanta only to run into a hoard of zombies, and there's one guy standing amongst them drinking a bottle of water? C'mon, homeboy didn't even offer Rick some. Rude. But that is why this clip exists — to point out the flaws of one of the greatest shows currently on TV in a funny, harmless way. Courtesy of the geniuses over at Screen Junkies , it's an honest trailer for AMC's The Walking Dead , which covers everything from all the ridiculous faces Dale made, to the fact that Season 2 and Hershel's goddamn farm sucked.

While you can certainly expect your fair share of bloody, bloody goodness when watching TWD, there are also some other less publicized things to expect from an episode: Filthy clothing, infinite ammo, basic cable nudity, improbable headshots, group debate, Dale face (a.k.a. that wide-eyed look Dale always gives when he disapproved of something), Shane rubbing his head a lot, Rick's hat... those are just to name a few. This is basically the whole show. And we all love it.

You can check out the honest trailer below.

Screen Junkies on YouTube

Image: AMC