Morgan State University Stabbing In Maryland Leaves Students Wounded

Scary news out of Maryland this afternoon — a stabbing at Morgan State University left students wounded Tuesday afternoon, according to the AP. Three people in all were victims of the attack, with one of them reportedly in serious condition. Subsequent reporting from WBAL has revealed that the three injured students are all members of the Morgan State football team, and that the injuries were the result of a conflict outside the school's dining hall. A university representative told the local NBC affiliate that someone began brandishing a knife in the midst of an argument, a harrowing situation that end with all three of the stabber's victims in the hospital.

According to WBAL's report, the stabber is believed to be a student, though not a member of the football team as the victims were. It's another unfortunate, grisly chapter for Morgan State recently — they also suffered a cleanliness-inspired stabbing between dorm-mates last week, as well as a party for nearly 1,200 students that ultimately descended into chaos and had to be broken up by the police. Mercifully, the university told WBAL that the injuries aren't believed to be life-threatening, so hopefully we'll get news that all three victims are on the mend, sooner rather than later.

As the Baltimore Sunnotes, Tuesday was meant to be the first day of football practice for the spring. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told the paper that one suspect was already in custody, but that there was one other suspect or person of interest they're seeking in connection with the incident. Hopefully they track down everyone they need to, needless to say — feeling safe at one's school is about as fundamental a desire as it gets, and it's a feeling that's been tested by some terrible happenings at Morgan State over the last few years.

Beyond the recent party gone afoul and dorm room scissor stabbings, there was also another attack against a member of the football team in 2012. According to the Sun, he was shot (non-fatally, thankfully) in more or less the same part of Morgan State's campus that the stabbings took place. All in all, the people of Morgan State have seen their fair share of on-campus violence in recent history. Hopefully after this situation is resolved, the student body can enjoy a period of serenity instead.

Images: U.S. Army RDECOM/Flickr