'The Voice' Contestant Tess Boyer Releases Video Saying She's Fine, But This Doesn't Totally Clear Up The Confusion — VIDEO

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 17, fans of The Voice were probably startled to hear that former contestant Tess Boyer was said to be missing, according to people claiming to be her friends on Twitter. The situation sounded scary with friends asking for support in finding Boyer — who they said they couldn't get in touch with for weeks — and the trending hashtag #FindTessBoyer was started. But later on Tuesday, Tess Boyer spoke out in a YouTube video and explained that she is just fine.

The situation is an odd one, because on the one hand, Boyer's friends are obviously worried about her, but on the other, Boyer says she's totally fine. There seems to be a disconnect. But then again, there's always the option that the "friends" started this as some sort of hoax. That said, one of the friends, Bria Kelly, also appeared on The Voice and has a verified Twitter account, which seems legit. It's hard to know what's really going on here, but judging by her video, it might have to do with Boyer cutting some people out of her life.

Earlier in the day, a St. Louis news station said they spoke with Boyer and tweeted, "We have spoken to Tess Boyer and she is taking a break from social media to focus on other projects." In her YouTube video, Boyer echoes this statement saying, "I just wanted to let everybody know I'm completely fine. I'm very safe. I'm not missing." She goes on to say, "I took a break from social media and from my phone and from different events in my life to completely clean out everything and to get back to where god has purpose for me to go."

Boyer then explains that her decision has a lot to do with her faith in god and reconnecting with that. She ends her message by saying, "Stop hashtagging #FindTessBoyer because I'm here, but hashtag #FindYourself. Thanks."

Tess Boyer on YouTube

Of course, it's a relief to see that Tess Boyer is fine, but I imagine this situation is confusing for her friends who, seemingly, wondered where she was for so long. Hopefully, with Boyer's message, they will now be able to find some peace.