Laverne Cox Helps Mindy On ‘The Mindy Project’ Feel Great About Her Body, But Her Message Is Really For Everyone

There’s never been a shortage of special guest stars on The Mindy Project, like Stephen Colbert who stopped by on the “Confessions of a Catho-holic” episode. On Tuesday’s episode of The Mindy Project, Laverne Cox (of Orange Is the New Black, as if I need to tell you that) guest starred as Mindy’s pregnancy stylist (and Tamra’s cousin Sheena — finally). Cousin Sheena has offered to perform the beautification process on Mindy’s expanding body as she starts to feel self-conscious about her pregnant self (earlier in the episode she wears a sleeping bag). And it turns out, Sheena is just what Mindy needed to love her new body.

You’ve heard Tamra talk about Cousin Sheena so much that the anticipation of who it would be, if we ever met said Sheena, was high. Obviously, Laverne Cox is probably the best person they could have cast as Sheena, as a stylist for Mindy’s expanding body. Tamra has billed Sheena as a very know-it-all (because she knows it all!) person who was never shy to give her two cents about a situation (also, she won a jet-ski on The Price Is Right once). And now that Mindy is feeling a little down about herself — strangers are calling her “sir” and “big guy” on the street — it's time Sheena gives Mindy the dose of wisdom that could only come from a Laverne Cox character, telling Mindy she needs to be the most confident woman in the room.

Mindy’s body is something that comes up in almost every episode, and Tuesday’s episode is not the first time she’s been labeled the wrong gender, but this is one of the first times on the show that Mindy has felt discouraged by it. From Danny laughing at her head-to-toe latex number, or Danny accidentally fat-shaming Morgan (which Mindy felt offended by), there wasn't much to help Mindy feel good about herself. The Mindy character is usually very proud and acknowledging of her curves, so now that she’s facing a little self-consciousness, what better person to call in than someone who is a spokesperson for being who you are and being proud of it. Also, it didn't hurt that Sheena yelled at Danny for not making Mindy feel beautiful.

Cox, who is an out trans woman, proved to be just what Mindy needed , in a way, in order to feel more comfortable on the inside. Sure, maybe Sheena’s style wasn’t the usual look Mindy usually goes for, but in a way, her “beautification” makeover was just what Mindy (and Danny) needed. Laverne Cox, please stay around on Mindy Project forever.

Images: Jennifer Clasen/FOX