9 Reasons Jimmy Kimmel & Matthew McConaughey Should Advertise Every Local Business Ever — VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is in Austin, Texas this week for SXSW and, unsurprisingly, host Jimmy Kimmel is doing his part to help make Austin an even more amazing place to be than usual. In a segment for the show, Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey teamed up with a local video store, Vulcan Video, to do some low budget advertising. The dynamic duo’s 3 commercials prove that your local business needs Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey's advertising expertise.

Kimmel and McConaughey's advertising process is simple. Step #1: familiarize yourself with the business. Kimmel heads into Vulcan Video to suss out what it's all about. Vulcan Video boasts a massive selection of VHS tapes for rental, catering to niche audiences like lovers of Canadian TV shows and Asian Horror enthusiasts.

Step #2: set a budget. Store owners Bryan and Kristen decide on reasonable amount, telling Kimmel he has "a few bucks" to work with. Step #3: produce killer content. A few weeks after his meeting with Bryan and Kristen, Kimmel returns to Vulcan Video with three fresh commercials, on VHS (obviously), that show off all of Vulcan's best assets and feature a great local cameo from Matthew McConaughey.

Check out the advertising genius that is the Vulcan Video commercials here and join me in noting the plethora of reasons that you need Kimmel and McConaughey to advertise for your local business.

They Know High Production Value

You cannot beat that.

They Stay Up to Date on All the Most Hi-Tech Special Effects

Again: Unbeatable.

They Are Connoisseurs of the Infomercial Aesthetic

This is actually a much harder skill to master than it would seem.

They Come Up with Killers Slogans

Just like Don Draper, if he worked in infomercials.

They Will Bring Pure Passion Into Your Advertisement

Now, that's good advertising.

3 Words: Epic Hand Signals


They Are Pros at Speaking in Unison

This is actually harder than it looks, so kudos to them.

They Know How to Highlight Your Business' Best Assets

This may seem self-explanatory, but it's only thanks to Kimmel and McConaughey!

Top Notch Cinematography

Oscar-worthy, really.

If you haven't seen the full video, check out advertising pros Kimmel and McConaughey, in the clip below.

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Images: JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube