Kim & Kyle Go At It Again On 'RHOBH'

How lucky are we? I didn't think Kim and Kyle Richards would sit down again, just the two of them, until the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion. But Andy Cohen must love us, because we got our Kim and Kyle showdown, I mean, heart to heart during Tuesday night's episode. Thank you, Mr. Cohen.

The RHOBH trip to Amsterdam really took a toll on everyone involved. I think it's going to take me approximately two-and-a-half weeks to full recover from it. However, Kim and Kyle's relationship became perhaps the most strained following the vacation after Kim accused Kyle of not sticking up for her when Lisa Rinna yet again questioned her sobriety.

So clearly, Kyle wanted to make things right with her sister. However, the real impetus came when she chatted with Lisa R. herself after a pilates jaunt. I don't know about you, but I always find the best time to scheme after a good stretch. Lisa R. told Kyle that — surprise! — Brandi is not being completely honest with Kim at this time.

While Brandi acts like she is very confident that Kim is sober and always defends her around the other Housewives, with Lisa R., who seems almost giddy to stage an intervention with Kim, Brandi is more doubtful. She has been saying that Kim seems fragile and on the brink of giving in to her addiction again. Brandi has even supported Lisa R.'s suggestion of an intervention for Kim.

Kyle needed to get to the bottom of this. She invited Kim out to her house in Palm Springs to have some alone time together to settle their differences and hopefully repair their relationship once and for all. Unfortunately, Kyle made a huge mistake.

Of course, Kim and Kyle rehashed the same argument we've been hearing for most of Season 5. Since Eileen Davidson's poker party, Kim has felt that Kyle hasn't backed her up on her sobriety enough, whereas Kyle feels like Kim doesn't give her enough credit and gives Brandi way too much. She even told Kim what Brandi has been saying behind her back to Lisa R.

But Kim didn't really seem that bothered to learn about Brandi's deception. She was more devastated by the fact that Kyle would invite her out to her Palm Springs house to have such a discussion.

You see, there's a lot of history in this house. When Kim and Kyle's mother passed away, she left her house in Palm Springs to the two of them and their sister Kathy Hilton to own equally. Neither Kathy nor Kim wanted the home because they had their own homes in the desert, so they sold their shares. Kyle sold the house to buy a new home for her family in Palm Springs.

But you see, this is one of those instances where someone says and acts like they're fine, but they're really not. Kim is still not over the fact that Kyle sold the house and so quickly without her having any say in it or getting a chance to say goodbye. You may remember the huge blow-up in the limousine the sisters had in Season 1, which also involved Kyle calling out Kim's alcohol addiction at the time. Kim was extremely offended that Kyle would even think of inviting her to a place with so much baggage with the hope of actually finding a resolution for their relationship.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of tears and even more yelling. By the end of the episode, Kyle was sobbing, and it looked like these sisters would forever be estranged. However, Kim reassured Kyle that she loves her, and they gave each other a warm embrace.

Does that mean Kim and Kyle just miraculously forgot everything they've been fighting about this entire season? Probably not, but I have faith that not all hope is lost for these two. What else can I do at this point?

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr (2)