Jennifer Garner Loses Rock, Paper, Scissors Pie To Jimmy Fallon, But She Definitely Would Have Won These Games — VIDEO

Jennifer Garner is a talented actress who is good at a great deal of things, but Rock, Paper, Scissors doesn't appear to be one of them. She is the insanely famous woman who is married to some random guy named Ben Affleck (who made a cameo in Gone Girl or something, IDK), and, just like her children think she is the most famous one of the two of them, so too do I enjoy when the spotlight is on Garner over Affleck for once. That was the case during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, during which Garner and Fallon played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie. As you might have guessed, the purpose of the game is for the two of them to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and the loser of each round was in danger of taking a pie to the face.

The hilarious thing is that Garner started out so strong. The first two rounds went to her, forcing Fallon to be the one to try his luck with the $80 pie throwing mechanism in the hopes that he would, by complete chance, avoid that pie. However, after that, things started to go so wrong so fast for Garner that my heart went out to her. Surely, if they had been playing a different game, she would have had a better chance of going to her Broadway play, well, not covered in pie?

Next time Fallon and Garner are playing a pie-themed game, I have a few suggestions for ones she would probably win.

Slap Fight Pie

Ah, the classic children's game that has led to many a fight. This one would require being a better sport than just being willing to take a pie to the face, since it would involve smacking one another's hands as hard as one can — and then having to take a pie to the face right after. But, hey. Fallon and Garner are adults. Surely it would go better than when children do it?

Thumb War Pie

The thumb war is a centuries-old battle of dominance, one that would be paired well with the decades-old tradition of throwing pies at people. I can see it now... Garner and Fallon getting so into their thumb war that they start backing each other into the audience as their thumbs continue to war. Loser takes a pie; everyone wins.

Cat's Cradle Pie

Cat's Cradle Pie just sounds adorable somehow. Instead of paying $80 for a pie-launching mechanism, Fallon could pay less than $5 for some string and fling pies at whoever is the first person to mess up the Cat's Cradle. I cringe away from this option because I was always the first one to mess up the Cat's Cradle, but maybe Garner will reveal a hidden talent in this area.

Odds & Evens Pie

Odds & Evens is like Rock, Paper, Scissors except more fun. Garner could be odds, Fallon could be evens, and then the two of them would throw out either one finger or two — and the sum of their fingers combined would make either an odd number (Garner's victory) or an even number (Fallon's victory). THEN THE PIES START. All I'm saying is, maybe Rock, Paper, Scissors was just a bad game for Garner. With any one of my suggestions, she easily could have gone home victorious.

Check out the video below.

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