Tyler Oakley Should Host 'Catfish' All The Time

by Rachel Paige

Though we might be missing Max Joseph a lot during these episodes of Catfish, at least Nev Schulman is finding company in his replacements. They're just replacing Max for a short amount of time, until he's back from being a big-shot Hollywood director, but Wednesday's episode brings a guest host who I'd actually like to see stick around forever. Because Tyler Oakley hosting Catfish is an amazing idea, and I think we should start a campaign to make him the permanent third host of the show. He's just that awesome.

Who is Tyler Oakley? If you've ever fallen into a deep YouTube hole before, you've probably come across at least one of his videos. He's best known as a "YouTube personality," but I don't think that adequately describes his online impact. At the very least, he's a YouTube personality to be reckoned with.

Over the past few years, Oakley has gained a whole lot of attention as an advocate for LGBT youth, and has millions of followers across all the social platforms out there. You might think, sure, lots of people have millions of followers. That's true, but they don't all get to do things like meet with President Obama to talk about healthcare. Oakley is kind of a big deal.

But if he could find some free time, I'd love for him to stick around on Catfish for a while longer, and here's why.

Nev Loves Him

Can you even imagine the kind of party that happened while Nev and Oakley were driving around town? Do you think Max is really mad that he missed out on this bonding?

He Totally Gets What's Important

He tweets jokes, funny pictures, photos of dogs, and memes, and reacts just like I would in basically every situation.

He's Basically An Honorary Member Of Fifth Harmony

He's a big fan of the girls, and has worked with them a lot. Sometimes, he can even be spotted dancing with them onstage. And he helped launch their Barbies, like it was NBD.

He Has Impressive Friends

Like the President. Oakley was invited to talk to President Obama to discuss healthcare outreach through YouTube. That's such a crazy thing to think about — the President of the United States reached out to someone on a video channel to talk about how to connect with others, specifically younger generations. How could you not freak out about that? Oakley kind of did and I love him for it.

He's Totally A Natural At This Catfish Thing

As Nev explains, Oakley lives online, so he already has the Internet figured out. You need a pro like Oakley when you're dealing with Catfish, so he's a natural fit. And it's safe to say that his episode Wednesday night will be one of the best ever. So if Max ever goes MIA again, Nev should keep Oakley on speed-dial.