7 Urban Gardening Books So You Can Get Your Hands Dirty Making Your Small Space Blossom

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The enthusiasm for urban gardening has reached fever pitch, and if you're looking into urban gardening books, I'll bet you're pretty curious about it, too. Not since the victory gardens of the 1940s has there been so much impetus to grow your own food, regardless of your stage in life or the size of your yard. Legions of bloggers, podcasters — even the First Lady with her White House vegetable plot — have turned gardening into the ultimate DIY triumph.

Even if urban homesteading is not your thing, cultivating a small, workable garden is all kinds of satisfying. Whether you have a backyard, a balcony, or just a west-facing windowsill, you can transform any sunshine-y spot into a prolific, gorgeous plot. So, if you don’t know where to start, these books are a good place. Go ahead and get your hands dirty.

And when you're ready, pick up these 12 urban gardening tools to get your small space party started.

Image: Unsplash

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