12 Urban Gardening Tools To Help You Transform Any Small Outdoor Space Into A Blooming Oasis

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Turning a small space into a beautiful garden doesn't have to be a challenge — especially when you have a few key urban gardening tools to help you out along the way. British actor Emilia Fox has said, "When I go into the garden, I forget everything," and her assessment of a patch of dirt and leaves as a place of total freedom is delicious. Don't let a lack of space deter you from the experience of getting your hands dirty and your mind clear — if you have even a couple of square feet and a little determination, you have the most important things you need to start a small-space garden.

Of course, as you watch your plot progress inch by inch and row by row, there are lots of great products to help make small-space gardening just a little bit easier, and help you get your garden zen on just a little bit faster.

Take a look at 12 gardening essentials every beginner should have, grab an urban gardening book for inspiration, and then get ready to make your small space bloom even brighter.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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