A 'Scarface' Remake Is In The Works & Here's Who Needs To Star In The Movie's Legendary Roles

Upon learning that there's an official Scarface remake in the works, my first thought was, who in the world is up to the task of revamping Al Pacino's larger-than-life portrayal of the infamous, butterfly collared-suit wearing, formidable drug kingpin Tony Montana? That's likely a question on the minds of the numerous fans of the 1983 cult classic, and a fair one at that, especially because Pacino's name is pretty much synonymous with the film. His association with the film is so solid that I instantly pegged him as the perfect person to sign on the dotted line when the Scarface mansion went up for sale last summer.

Since the project is in the earliest stages, details are limited at this point, but what’s been confirmed so far is that Universal has tapped Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman to do the rewrite, Pablo Larrain will serve as the film’s director, and in a rather interesting geographical twist that contrasts with the original, the Scarface reboot will take place in Los Angeles instead of Miami.

Until more details are confirmed, let’s get down to the business of casting the film’s main characters and the most important question yet: Who will deliver the legendary line, "Say hello to my little friend," with the same depth as Pacino?!

Diehard Scarface devotees, feel free to disagree, but here's a preliminary look at which actors should be considered for the Scarface reboot casting:

Bobby Cannavale as Tony Montana

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cannavale's an Emmy winner, with Cuban roots and his Boardwalk Empire portrayal of a gangster showed us that he can handle playing the commanding tough guy.

Jennifer Lawrence as Elvira Hancock


J. Law is arguably Hollywood's most popular leading lady and she's a blonde bombshell — it would be crazy to see her take on the gritty role, but she'd rock it, of course.

Guillermo Diaz as Manny Ribera

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Diaz has a history of playing gangsters, but, based off his brilliant portrayal of Scandal's Huck, he could absolutely do this role justice. Plus, it's been a while since he made a big-screen appearance. (Also, the fact that he's actually played a character named Scarface in 1998 film Half Baked should count for something.)

Rosario Dawson as Gina


A phenomenal actress who kicks butt on film and in real life sounds like a perfect addition to Scarface.

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