Marc Jacobs Is Doing Another Social Media Campaign

Have you heard the news? Marc Jacobs is doing another social media casting call using, once again, the hashtag #CastMeMarc. This is actually his third time doing a Twitter and Instagram-based campaign — he used it to find his Fall 2014 campaign faces, and he employed the method once more when it came to casting his Spring 2015 campaign — so this his hardly his first rodeo.

And he's not the only one doing it, either: Cara Delevingne cast the campaign for her DKNY collaboration using a diverse crew of Instagrammers, and ASOS Curve selected a new plus-sized model (the gorgeous Lauren Punter) with the hashtag "#MakeMeACurveModel." It's become quite the trendy way to stir-up publicity, and honestly, what's not to like? It's kind of like American Idol, except the only talent you need to have is the ability to seriously blue steel it up via social media.

All in all, it makes sense that Jacobs would employ the method a third time: It's a cool conceit, and it's nice to see people who aren't necessarily the 5'10", size 2 models we usually see gracing the pages of our magazines (though that's not to say that these contest winners aren't generally ridiculously good looking). Plus, this time, there's a twist — Jacobs is looking specifically for groups of friends, which is a fun way to switch things up. And you know what it means? It's time to perfect your pose with your posse!

Will you be answering the call? I'm a little embarrassed about what my 47 followers (I know, I know — I'm cool) will think of me, but what the hey? All it takes is some good lighting and that trusty #CastMeMarc hashtag.