14 Times Kelly Clarkson Was The Ultimate Celebrity Cheerleader

Remember a few years back when the "Good Guy Greg" meme ruled the Internet? If you don't let me refresh your questionably hazy memory. It was your run of the mill, white bubble font meme with an average looking dude who only would partake in incredibly altruistic acts of kindness. Now, it's seemed in recent years that his popularity has since dissipated and instead, Kelly Clarkson has risen to the occasion and grabbed the torch of nobility. If you're thinking, "Whoa, how the heck did Kelly Clarkson get involved in this scenario?" then listen up. She has become "Good Girl Kelly" or, for a lack of a better phrase, Clarkson is the ultimate Twitter celebrity cheerleader.

Basically, she deserves this honorary title because any time a fellow star does something noteworthy, the American Idol winner is there to give them her unwavering support and adorable kudos. All she needs is a decent pair of pom poms and boldly colored pleated skirt and the girl is good to go. It's just so nice to see someone so supportive of her peers that some may view her to be in competition with. It just begs the question, why can't more people be like Kelly?!

So, if you weren't already irrevocably enamored with Clarkson from her bubbly disposition and amazing vocal chords, read on to fall even deeper in love with her.

When she lauded Ellen DeGeneres' sensually chic photo shoot

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...And Brit Brit in Vegas

When she complimented Adele but sneakily told her what everyone else was thinking

When she gave Into the Woods and two thumbs up

When she boosted Demi Lovato's confidence on multiple occasions

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And that time she spoke the ultimate, unabashed truth about Emma Thompson