Which 'GoT' Actor Revealed They Die In Season 5?

by Maitri Suhas

Good news, everyone: just short of month until the Game Of Thrones Season 5 premiere, an unidentified cast member from the show revealed a major Game of Thrones Season 5 spoiler in Entertainment Weekly: Apparently, he or she was surprised to find out that they would be getting killed off in the new season. George R.R. Martin: breaking your heart in new ways every day that you never thought possible.

Martin had previously said that in the next season characters on screen will die that are still alive in the chronology of the books, because he wants us all to suffer and doesn't want us to predict who's going to be killed so we can prepare emotionally for it. That's the magic of GOT—it utterly bombards you with emotions!

The cast member said in an interview for the most recent all-Game Of Thrones issue of Entertainment Weekly: "I thought this season I was going to have more to do, and I was really looking forward to that. And then I got my dates from my agent and I thought, 'That doesn't tally.'" Apparently he or she sussed out what was what before they got the official call:

It seemed to me they must be writing me out. The showrunners rang me and told me, ‘Your time is up in the series.’ I’m disappointed but you have to accept that the demands of TV are different. I find myself being quite emotional about it. I’m going to miss it. Never mind being a professional, they’re very nice people.

Well that's pretty depressing. Winter Is Coming noted that EW dropped a hint that the character had a trailer on the set in Northern Ireland, leading to speculation that the doomed character is someone at Castle Black or Mereen, which both film there. (Apparently the actor's scenes were shot there, too). Also, that the soon to be departed actor has been with the show for "several years."

Obviously there's already a rampant Reddit thread predicting whose death is imminent, and sadly, it seems like Samwell Tarly, played by John Bradley, is at the top of the list; he's been with the show since almost the very beginning, and Castle Black scenes are filmed in cold Northern Ireland. However, the quote indicated that the actor in question had read the books, and in an interview with Collider in 2013 John Bradley said that he skipped Sam's chapters (although, obviously, that could have changed since).

And since the character has been with the show for several years, that puts one of the most hated characters in the running to be killed off in the next season: Roose Bolton. Quick refresher if you've forgotten: Bolton is the evil lord of Dreadfort that was a traitor to Robb Stark and killed him at the Red Wedding, the pain of which is still very real. He's also daddy-o to Evil Guy, Jr., Ramsay Bolton née Snow, whose father recognized him as his real son after he tortured Theon Greyjoy to hell and back and transformed him into Reek. No one would be sad to see this guy go—which probably means Martin is going to keep him alive, as he likes to make his fans miserable.

Other contenders could be members of Stannis Baratheon's camp, since he arrived with the Red Woman Melisandre and Ser Davos at Castle Black to help protect the wall, thus putting them in Ireland. Stannis and his posse play a big role in Season 5, but if one of them gets killed, hopefully it's Melisandre, because she's terrifying and gives birth to murderous shadow babies. Personally, I REALLY hope it's not Davos, who is the gentle, newly-literate Onion Knight. Kit Harington, however, said in an interview that he did a lot of filming for Season 5 with the characters from Dragonstone, so these major players might not be dead just quite yet.

So we really can only speculate about who's going to die, as always; but at least we know it won't be Arya Stark, since she's in Braavos, and it won't be Daenerys, because she's never in the cold. And isn't that really all that matters?

Game Of Thrones season five premieres on April 12 on HBO.

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