'GOT' Will Have A Lot More Death, Martin Says

Make no mistake: George R.R. Martin does not care about your paltry feelings. In an interview with Showbiz 411 at the Writers Guild West Awards where Martin was a surprise guest, the Game of Thrones author said that fans of the show and the book series should look forward to death, death, and more death in Season 5: "People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy. So everybody better be on their toes." So everyone is going to be miserable with each new, gory death! George, why do you have to do us dirty?

But, like I said, Martin really doesn't have an ounce of remorse about killing off your faves. But he has good, sound reason (damn you, Martin). When Mashable asked him in November why he kills off so many characters, he said, "It's a war story, people die in war. Where I really differ from most fantasy writers is, I kill people you don't expect to die, you know?"

Oh, we know. Some of the most brutal deaths that have come our way in the first four seasons of Game of Thrones are already shocking enough, especially when Ned Stark was beheaded in season one. That's when it was clear that Game of Thrones was not going to mess around, so if you can't stand the suffering, get out of Westeros. Season four had its fatalities, of course. Satisfying: Joffrey being poisoned. Horrifying: the mountain blinding Oberyn to his death. Martin has already started mixing up the deaths; characters have been killed on the show that are still kickin' in the books (Khaleesi's maiden Irri among them).

But, even with all the blood spillage, Game of Thrones still has a lot of other stuff going on. So much stuff, in fact, that one whole storyline had to be cut in season five: Bran will not be a part of the story, at least for now. Sophie Turner has hinted that there will be a moment in season five that will be "more shocking than the Red Wedding." How could we possibly be prepared for that, even though Martin has given us fair warning?

The bloodbath begins April 8, 2015.