Gina Rodriguez's Bad Date Story Will Make You Want To Bow Down To The Actress Even More

Add this to the very long list of reasons to admire the Gina Rodriguez. While chatting with Glamour magazine, Gina Rodriguez talked about her most awkward date. Let me tell you, if you didn't already want to bow down in the Golden Globe winner's presence, you will after hearing this story. We've all had terrible dates, right? Have you ever had that moment where you just want to get up and leave? Well, yeah, the Jane the Virgin actress did just that.

She told Glamour,

I had a terrible date with this super-socialite guy when I first moved to L.A. — he was so pompous. I took out my money, put it on the table, and said, "I’m not having a good time, so I’m going to pay for this and leave." I walked out thinking, Look at you, badass! Now I’m in a great relationship [with actor Henri Esteve] that is far from dramatic. Our first date was the day before the Jane audition. We talked for four hours. He was my good-luck charm.”

Not only could I see Rodriguez's character doing this on the show (because, duh, Jane's a badass too), but I have no doubt this story will inspire others to stand up for themselves — even if it is just because they're on a really horrible date. Why sit and suffer through something, especially if the person is being a total jerk?

Whether Rodriguez is giving inspiring speeches after winning awards or influencing others through a short story about a bad date, there's no doubt Rodriguez is a real-life superhero. So... when is she finally going to get to play one?