21 Harry Styles GIFs That Will Get You Though Anything In Your Day-To-Day Life

If there’s any one I can think of who could best navigate their way out of a tricky or unwanted situation with charm and poise, it’d be the charisma king himself, Harry Styles. I mean, who else gets a song written about them by their ex about how much swag and suaveness they possess (*cough*Taylor Swift's "Style,"*cough*), even after they break up? With this super human ability in mind, it seems that Styles is a particularly good person to rely on when in want of advice on how to best handle the hiccups life may or may not throw your way. So good, in fact, that Styles may just be the best go-to person for any everyday situation you may or may not find yourself in — these amazing Harry Styles GIFs are proof of that.

Listen, I have full faith you can handle things on your own, peeps. But, we’re all busy with our hectic schedules and late night binge watching. Why would you want to go through the trouble of fumbling about when the One Direction band member can so readily and easily do it for you?

So, in honor of Style’s unending charisma, here are 21 GIFs of his smooth operations that’ll come in handy whenever you need to react to something you may not really know how to.

When someone catches you belting out a power ballad at a red light

No shame.

When you look in the mirror after getting your hair done

Rock that hairdo.

When your mom says she's disappointed in you

Ugh, that's worse than a parent being mad at you.

When your friend asks if you'd rather stay in on Friday night and drink wine

Add in Netflix, and ALWAYS.

When you hear the people in the dorm above you gettin' it on


When you're trying to play it cool

You're totally suave and cool, just like Harry.

When you're on the treadmill and you realize only 3 minutes have passed


When you accidentally favorite something on a stranger's Instagram

Welp, what can you do, right?

When you go on a terrible date and try to let the person down easy when they go to kiss you

"No, really, you don't want your mouth near it. I'm just thinking of you."

When it's cold out

Will winter never end?!

When your crush likes your Instagram pic


When the barista alerts you that you're up for a free drink at Starbucks


When you're in the middle of doing something but you realize your friend is snapchatting you

Reason enough to drop everything important.

When someone's mad at you but you try to be cute so they can't be anymore

Who can resist this face?

When you're pretending that you're not near your phone but then your friend texts something of interest

Don't look, don't look, don't look...

When someone asks you to share your food


When you try to do a YouTube make-up tutorial

I don't think this is supposed to be doable IRL.

When you need to "Bye Felicia" someone in person

It's necessary in certain situations.

When you work on a weekend and all your friends are going out

Tell me, how is it in the outside world?!

When someone unearths a picture of you from middle school


When your friend calls shotgun before you

What sort of sorcery is this?

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