This Prank On Howie Mandel & His House Is Hilarious, But He's Not The Only Celeb To Fall Victim To A Prank

Pranks: some people love them, other people would rather chew glass than live in fear of this sort of "fun." I happen to be one of the latter, but plenty of people would disagree with me. Take Howie Mandel, for example. He's the producer and host of hidden camera prank show Deal With It and takes a great sense of pride in making sure the guests fulfill their pranking dreams. Of course, pranking someone is one thing — being the person who gets pranked is a little different. Mandel's pal and YouTube comedian Roman Atwood just pulled a pretty serious prank on Howie Mandel and may have given him a taste of his own medicine — if he can find it amongst all the toilet paper.

Yep, Atwood pulled the most basic prank he could have on Mandel — he toilet-papered his house. The classic gag, commonly referred to as TPing, was cranked up a notch for Mandel, whose mansion was covered in almost 4,000 rolls worth of toilet paper. It's certainly a hassle to take down all of that TP, but thankfully Mandel was a good sport about the whole prank, even if he was secretly thinking that he could have executed a better one. Check out the prank below.

RomanAtwood on YouTube

Atwood is just one star to prank his famous pal, but compared to some of these other star's pranks, Mandel got off really easily. Here are some epic pranks that celebrities have pulled on their friends.

Brad Pitt and David Fincher Had Their Friend Arrested

ejesse41 on YouTube

According to this interview with Charlie Rose, Pitt and his Fight Club director Fincher had a little fun with their pals in Mexico. After bribing the government to turn off the power, the celebrities had the police bust in and have their friend "arrested" on drug charges. I have a feeling that it took a lot of fruit baskets to win that pal over.

Justin Bieber Made Taylor Swift Think She Set a Boat on Fire

whitney claudian on YouTube

Swift and the Biebs aren't so tight anymore, and maybe it has something to do with this prank. The "Baby" singer went on Punk'd to prank his pal by making her think that she helped set a boat — carrying an entire wedding party, no less — on fire.

George Clooney Convinced His Friend That His Cat Was Sick

Christopher Guirl on YouTube

Here's a bizarre prank. Clooney — a notorious prankster — went to his buddy's house everyday with one purpose: to empty his cat's litter box. The reason? Clooney wanted to convince his friend that his cat was, err, "backed up." The prank finally ended when Clooney left his own "present" in the liter box. That's dedication.

Ellen Degeneres Turns David Beckham Into a Target Employee

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Alex from Target has nothing on Beckham, who asked shoppers in this hidden camera prank to smell the cologne he put on his leg.

Ashton Kutcher Scares Justin Timberlake Away From Weed

Timberlake — who later admitted that he was so stoned during his segment of Punk'd — was convinced by Kutcher's crew that tax agents were taking away all of his belongings, including his beloved dogs.

Sorry, Atwood, but your TP prank just doesn't hold up — even it was a pain to clean.