On 'The Vampire Diaries' Lily Salvatore Could Tear Stefan & Damon Apart If She Plays Her Cards Right

I am more than a little worried about the newest addition to The Vampire Diaries , our own not really dead Mama Lily Salvatore. And that's mainly because this vamp seems very likely to cause some major drama for the best pair on the show — no, I don't mean Damon and Elena or even Caroline and Stefan (though Caroline has been bringing it this season). I’m talking about the bantering, bickering, always there for each other duo of Stefan and Damon. Their bromance has been going strong this season since Damon made his escape from the past, but we all know that these two have been there for each other for centuries. They have the most consistent relationship on the show, and it’s been so freaking refreshing to watch them just be bros and not fight over a girl. Unfortunately, I think that’s all about to end thank to their mother Lily Salvatore.

The Lily Salvatore bomb just dropped in Mystic Falls and we now know that being a Rippahh (™ Klaus Mikaelson) might actually be genetic seeing as she has over 3,000 kills under her belt since turning vamp. While we’re on the subject, who keeps track of all these death toll numbers over the years? Does each vampire maintain a spreadsheet? Are they assigned their own witch/accountant? (These are the questions that keep me up at night.) Anyway, regardless of how solid the brothers' bond has been, Lily’s return is bound to push it to breaking point.

Here are just a few of my worst-case scenarios for the inevitable Salvatore civil war, caused by the return of their crazy-eyed mother.

Lily and Stefan Embark on Mother/Son Ripper Bonding

One ripper in the family is bad enough, two rippers running around town taking people apart? Downright nuts. There is no way Damon would stand by and let another bloodbath go down, knowing how tortured and broody Stefan gets after a binge. Besides, the greater Mystic Falls area can only cover up so many dismembered bodies, even with sweet Matt Donovan as Sheriff. Now that Stefan has gone and flipped his humanity switch, Damon may have to try and contain not one but two psycho killing relatives.

Lily Needs Elena for a Sacrifice

It would not surprise me if Lily actually returned to get her hands on the super fancy Elena vampire-doppelganger blood. There is always some ritual or sacrifice that calls for this, and that would be just thing thing to pit the brothers against each other. Can't you just picture Damon trying to rip out Lily's heart to save Elena, while Stefan remains determined to reason with her?

She’s Team Katherine

Twist! Maybe Lily has been keeping an eye on her boys for decades only leaving them alone because she’s actually on Team Katherine, and figured that girl had a handle on them. Now that Katherine is out of the picture, she has returned to lecture them on their taste in women and try and pull Katherine out of the afterlife/hell/other side that she was dragged off to. In theory, Damon and Stefan should both be against this, but something about Katherine Pierce has always made them go sideways.

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