15 Signs You Aren't Ready To Be In A Relationship

Our society often tells us that being in a relationship is the be-all, end-all. I mean, just watch all the romantic comedies on Netflix, and you'll believe it too. Ours is a culture driven by love and companionship, leaving us feeling like we need to rush to find "the one." With this fear of ending up "alone," some of us have been afraid to be single. Hence, we jump from relationship to relationship, not even realizing where one began and the other ended. This leads us to finding Mr. or Ms. Wrong, settling for second best, and not taking the time to figure out who we are as individuals. Maybe it's a good idea to ask yourself: Are you ready for a relationship?

I’m not saying that relationships aren’t amazing. Finding true and deep love is arguably incomparable with anything else. But in order to find this kind of selfless love with someone else, you need to first find it within yourself. So take your time and don’t rush into anything, because we’re not always ready to go from a one-some to a two-some.

Here are some signs that you may need to be single a little longer. And don’t worry: This is not a “bad” thing at all!

1. You Still Stalk Your Ex On Social Media Like It's Your Full-Time Job

Who needs Sherlock Holmes when they have you? Also, who has time to date when you've got Facebook posts to go through and IG photos to screenshot?!

2. No Way Are You Going To Give Up Sleeping In The Middle Of The Bed

There ain't no way you are giving up this prime piece of real estate for another person.

3. Tinder Is Your Version Of Crack

Gym, tan, tinder — right? Your fingers can't swipe as fast as your heart would. Giving up online dating would be like giving up the Boardwalk property in Monopoly. No way that's going to happen.

4. Every Night Is A Friday Night

The last thing you want to do is give up a Friday night out with the ladies or fellas for a date night.

5. You've Bought Enough Condoms For A Small Army

You are in your sexual prime right now, and there's nothing and nobody that will stop you. Monogamy? More like moNOgamy.

6. You Thank God Every Time One Of Your Friends Talks About Their Relationship Woes

The only drama you want in your life will come from the latest episode of Real Housewives.

7. You Only Want To Treat Yo' Self — Not Treat Another Person

You are relishing in this time to think about you and only you.

8. Your Therapist Said So

If there's one date you need to keep, it's the one with your therapist.

9. You Get All "Carmen Sandiego" When Someone Likes You

If you can disappear better than a magician once you realize there is a potential future with someone, you are probably not ready to be in a relationship.

10. You Wish You Could Make Everyone Take A Lie Detector Test

If after reading this, you Google "how expensive is a lie detector test," I believe I can rest my case.

11. You're Looking For Prince Or Princess Charming


12. Cristina Yang Is Your Soul Sister — AKA You're Emotionally Unavailable

You're closer to finding that old pair of socks in your closet than you are to finding your emotions.

13. You Believe Love Is As Real As Bigfoot

And I won't even bring up Valentine's Day.

14. Mr. Or Ms. Wrong Sounds Right To You

If you're still goo-goo ga-ga for the guy who never calls back, or you've got a thing the girl who can't remember your name, you may not be ready for a relationship just yet.

15. Your Chameleon Game Is Strong

You change as fast as the latest nail color while you're dating someone. If you've been hipster with Rachel, and then punk rock with Brandy, and then lumbersexual for Alice, then you should probably be single as your next look.

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