Has Daisy & Marcus' Status Changed Post-'Catfish'?

Something very weird happened on the Catfish episode "Daisy & Marcus" that aired Wednesday night. The "Catfisher" turned out to be the guy he said he was. I know, rare, right? When they heard her story, Nev and guest host Tyler Oakley almost immediately assumed the worst in Daisy's situation. They figured that it was anyone but Marcus, even suggesting it was his mother. They had no faith. But as it turned out, Marcus was just a little shy, because he was totally the guy from the pictures! So what's the update on this seemingly happy ending for Daisy and Marcus?

Marcus' shadiness was because he wasn't ready to leave his comfort zone. He wasn't comfortable talking on the phone with Daisy or with the gifts that she was sending him. Overall, Marcus was just uncomfortable. The only pitfall of the entire episode was that Marcus was more into Daisy as a friend (he wanted to kick it the way they've kicked it before), despite her desire to have a ring on her finger. But Daisy handled the news like the champ she is. So what are the odds that Marcus and Daisy maybe got together post-episode?

Unfortunately, it looks like the chances are slim that Daisy and Marcus are going to live happily ever after as a couple. Marcus was more into the idea of trying all the pizzas (yeah, I don't know either) than committing to one when he caught up with Nev and Tyler at the end of the episode. But he does answer phone calls from Daisy now, so the progress that the two are making is definitely heading in the right direction.

Daisy told Nev and Tyler that she and Marcus are more best friends now. And while I know she was really looking for a relationship with him, I'm happy that she and Marcus are still talking and have maintained their relationship, since he was there for her during a lot of tragedy. As for Daisy's dating life, she tweeted on Thursday morning that she is still single, so no matter how many phone calls Marcus now answers, it seems these two are still just friends.

Image: MTV