Iggy Azalea Might Leave Twitter For Good & If So, She'll Follow In The Footsteps Of These 13 Anti-Social Media Celebs

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Iggy Azalea is full of social media drama. From her feud with Snoop Dogg to that beef with Azealia Banks, and even that strange conflict with Papa John's, the rapper has not had the best time online this past year. Now, Iggy Azalea is considering leaving social media for good and, for now, has handed over her personal accounts to her management team. As she told The Associated Press, "Yeah, so nice not to be on social media so I'm kind of going to continue that until, maybe forever."

She's not the only artist to do this, so if she really wants to move on from her social media trauma, she should follow other social media-hating celebrities with their approach. Because believe it or not, Azalea is not the only star to hate social media. If she leaves for good, she'll follow the lead of these 13 celebrities who you'll never hear a peep from on Twitter.

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