Iggy Azalea Has Beef With Papa John's Pizza

As it turns out, Beyoncé losing out on Album of the Year wasn't the biggest disappointment of Sunday night. Oh, no, I'm not talking about the Grammys themselves. I'm talking about just before the Grammys, when Iggy Azalea was disappointed in Papa John's Pizza — her favorite pizza place up until then. As it turns out, a delivery boy at Papa John's gave out Azalea's phone number after she ordered a pizza from the restaurant, leading to her receiving a series of annoying text messages from fans begging her to call them. While all of us were busy dealing with Kanye West dissing Beck for his Album of the Year victory, poor Azalea was busy (presumably) changing her number and calling Papa John's out on Twitter.

The rant began before the Grammys on Sunday, at around 4:30 p.m., and made it very clear that Azalea was just not having it with Papa John's privacy policies protecting their employees but not their customers. "Papa John's was my favorite pizza, but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family members," she began in her rant, which only got worse after Papa John's actually took the time to respond to her in a way that was, well, less than satisfactory.

Just in case we didn't understand exactly how inconvenienced Azalea was by the slip, she then went on to tweet directly to Papa John's official Twitter account with screenshots of the text messages that she was receiving. She even included an additional screenshot of the messages she had exchanged with the manager of the restaurant. And I completely sympathize with Azalea in this situation.

She might be a celebrity, but imagine being a patron of a restaurant and then beginning to receive messages and calls from strangers because your delivery person decided to give out your cell phone number. Azalea is entitled to her privacy just like any other citizen — and, in fact, this breach of it is even worse for her since she is a public figure and thus has likely received hundreds more calls and messages than just these.

To make a bad situation even worse, Papa John's Twitter responded to Azalea's concerns... by brushing them off.

If you told someone that Azalea was involved in a feud with Papa John's Pizza, I feel like laughter would be their first response to such a statement. It certainly was mine before I heard all the details. However, the above tweet led to another response by Azalea after the Grammys had concluded, a response far more serious than any that have come before it. Apparently, if the restaurant doesn't resolve this situation in a more considerate way then the rapper fully intends to take them to court.

Which, to me, is the very definition of the phrase, "That escalated quickly." To be fair, this all could have been swept under the rug very quickly had the manager of the Papa John's from which Azalea ordered set up a meeting with her and the employee in question — or even if Papa John's had not tweeted a joking reference to her 2014 song "Bounce" as a response to her genuine concerns about her privacy and safety. Whether or not this case actually manifests into a real lawsuit still remains to be seen, but it definitely looks like Papa John's dropped the ball on this one, and Azalea would be well within her rights to sue.