Harry Styles Is The Most Ridiculous Dancer Ever

As every One Direction fan knows, Harry Styles is excellent at many things: singing, looking attractive, wearing skinny jeans, doing an awesome Irish accent. And if you've seen 1D perform before, whether it be in person or in their movie, This Is Us (which I did not see in theaters three times), you also know that Harry Styles is an extremely ridiculous dancer. Like, I'm talking Taylor Swift level, which may actually be why they used to date.

But anyway, Styles obviously has the moves, and I don't think they're appreciated nearly enough. Regardless of what song the band is playing or what's going on at the moment, Styles is always doing some kind of dancing on stage, like he's off in his own little world. He's not a great dancer, he's not a bad dancer, he's just... a dancer. And that's just the way I like him.

Looking at him, you wouldn't know he had it in him. After all, he can be pretty shy and serious at times. But when the music starts? Styles basically turns into a dancing fool. It's like for years, he was living in the town from Footloose, and just now is he finally breaking free.

Whether you need a laugh or you just want to bask in his talent, these are pretty much all of Styles' best moves captured. You're welcome.

Dancing At A Photoshoot

I don't know what's better: Styles' dancing, or the fact that he's dancing to "Let Your Love Flow." Bonus: Liam Payne, who was still sporting the Justin Bieber haircut in this video, also makes an appearance and joins in on the fun.

The Toilet Dance

Whether he really had to pee or if it was just to show off for his screaming fans, Styles' potty dance is basically perfect.

The "Talk Dirty" Video

If you're anything like me, you've already seen this video approximately 658 times, but Styles' dancing is so good that it never gets old. Plus, he's shirtless!

Twerking At The Teen Choice Awards

Ed Sheeran can barely contain himself.

Dancing To "Telephone" On X Factor

If he wanted to go pro, he totally could.

Ballroom Dancing

If you ever wondered if Styles' would be a contender on Dancing With The Stars, you now officially have your answer. This is exactly how we'll dance at our wedding.

Dancing "The Joe"

This move quickly became One Direction's trademark — and it pretty much works with any song. "Uptown Funk"? Perfect. "Total Eclipse of The Heart"? Works with that, too.

Dancing Without Music

Who needs tunes? This video proves Styles can dance in any situation, even in a silent room.

Dancing On Twitcam To "Teenage Dream" By Katy Perry

Back in the day, various members of One Direction used to do live video chats all the time, and things like this often happened. Styles and Louis Tomlinson are dancing so hard they're blurry. It got serious.

Booty Dancing

Moments like this are why "Teenage Dirtbag" was my favorite song to see One Direction perform on tour.

Ballet Dancing

Yep, Styles can do that, too. He's such a perfect ballerina.

Dancing With Ashton Irwin From 5 Seconds Of Summer

Such talent. Such poise.

And, Obviously, The "Macarena"

The entire band dances to this one, and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.