What's The Song In The Apple Watch Commercial? It's Time To Find Out — VIDEOS

Go go Gadget, iWatch! Apple’s smartwatch is almost here. Psyching consumers up for the Apple Watch's April release date is the very first ad: The TV spot shows off the secret agent-esque timepiece’s capabilities, plus all of the wristband material and color options. An army of watches marches across the screen to the militaristic rat-a-tat of a snare drum. And then, the song turns into what I can only describe as “twinkly magic party time music.” If you want to learn the name of the song in the Apple Watch ad, you actually do not have to look any further than the Apple Watch ad. The song is calling from inside the watch. At the 0:51 mark, the commercial provides the answer: It is “Running Behind” by Holychild.

Holychild is a Los Angeles-based indie electro-pop duo who basically became a band because of Radiohead: In a recent interview with InStyle, Louie Diller said he met Liz Nistico back in college, they bonded over "Pyramid Song", went on to exchange a few playlists, and the rest is history. “Running Behind” will appear on Holychild’s debut album, The Shape of Brat Pop to Come. The album is set to drop June 2.


Swimming pools, snack aisles, and sparkle. The three S's of success.

Image: Apple/YouTube