Ursula Has Some Fish To Fry With Hook On 'OUAT'

Something smells fishy on Once Upon a Time, and I'm not referring to one of Ursula's many tentacles. Ever since Hook came face-to-face with the evil Sea Witch in Storybrooke, our beloved, eye-liner wearing pirate has been acting like he has something to hide. So much so, that his curious behavior even briefly caused a slight rift in the Captain Swan dynamic. And yet here we are, a few weeks later and still completely clueless about Hook and Ursula's complicated history. How do they know each other and what caused their relationship to turn sour? Well, according to OUAT 's episode synopsis for "Poor Unfortunate Soul," we'll come to find out those answers soon enough. And the villain may not be who you'd originally think.

According to the description, "In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, when a restless young Ursula enlists Hook’s help to run away from home, she soon learns it isn’t wise to trust a pirate." Is it possible that Ursula — aka sweet Ariel's ultimate nemesis — is actually the victim (or should I say, the poor unfortunate soul) of this story? I mean, we all know that Killian has reformed from his dark days as a big bad pirate, but what could he possibly have done to make such an enemy out of this formidable foe? The way I see it, this could've all played out in a few different ways.

Hook Broke Ursula's Heart

The synopsis mentions that Ursula was running away from home and enlisted Hook's help. Is it possible that those pirate charms of his made her fall instantly head-over-fin in love with him? Perhaps he even used her affections to steal from her or her father (who we already know is Poseidon). A betrayal like that could've broken poor Ursula's heart and led her down a much darker path.

Hook Kept Ursula From Her True Love

Then again, maybe Ursula was running away to meet up with someone else, whom she was already in love with. But when Hook learned who her father was, he decided to return her home in exchange for a reward. (A pirate does love a good treasure.) This could've been her only chance at a happy ever after and Hook ruined it. This would certainly help explain why he was so reluctant to tell Emma because for someone who doesn't live in the sea, man, that is cold-blooded.

Hook Stole Ursula's Voice

Ever wonder why Ursula was so adamant on collecting other mer-creatures voices? Perhaps it's because her original voice was once stolen from Hook as a means to make some extra money. There could be something special or magical about her particular voice that made this greedy pirate unable to resist the allure of more loot. And as a result, she swore to steal as many voices as she could get her tentacles on, thus transforming into the evil Sea Witch we know today.

It's All A Big Misunderstanding

I mean, this is Hook we're talking about. Whatever happened, there has to be a logical explanation behind it… right?!?!

Images: Eike Schroter/ABC; peterpaneyebrows, littlemuffin-gifshunt (2), forevercaptainswan/Tumblr