The Best Food Stands At Coachella Revealed

If you've ever attended Coachella, one of the country's biggest music festivals, you know not only how amazing not only the music is, but also about all the fabulous food! If you're planning to attend this year, you're in luck: The official food lineup at Coachella has been released, and it's looking mighty tasty. The food lineups have been nothing short of fantastic in past years, with 2014's music festival featuring sushi from L.A. hotspot Sugarfish, and Tex Mex food from Bar Ama; this year's food game looks like it's going to be just as strong, too, so get ready for some good eating.

There are also going to be several food-themed events and dinners throughout the festival, so as a result, Coachella is emphasizing the importance of using the Reserve App in order to get seats. Since that's the only way to get into some of the events, make sure you have it downloaded! One of these events is Outstanding in the Field, which features a four-course meal cooked by some of the hottest chefs in the nation. Chefs like Roy Choi and Kris Morningstar will also be offering $50 tasting menus in the VIP area which can only be booked through the app.

With all of the goings-on, you're going to want to plan your dining excursions ahead of time. I've got you covered, though — be sure to check out these five eateries at Coachella this year:

1. Scratch Bar

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This hip restaurant in L.A.'s Restaurant Row is going to be featuring a special pop-up eatery at Coachella. The food is relaxed yet sophisticated, as it brings together high-end tastes with homestyle quality — and, of course, everything is made from scratch. You can even opt for the 14-course Chef's Counter Tasting Experience, where Chef Philip Frankland will prepare and present to you all of these courses, directly to your table. The Scratch Bar will also have food and alcohol pairings, which makes it easy to ensure your cocktail meshes well with the flavors of your entree.

2. Pot

ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

If you're into Korean food or BBQ, this is the hot spot for you. This will also a pop-up spot at the festival, based off of its permanent location in the Line Hotel. There, Roy Choi will be grilling up delicious comfort food for you to devour between sets. As the chef himself says about the spot, "It's a joyous celebration of life. Most of all, it's good times and good food in the hood." It doesn't get better than that!

3. KindKreme


If you're the type of person who craves a sweet treat in the late afternoon, you'll want to make sure to stop by this ice cream stand. Located in the Rose Garden section, KindKreme's offerings are all handmade using organic and sustainable ingredients. They're super environmentally conscious, so you can feel good about what you're eating. The best part? They're vegan! So you can enjoy this creamy treat no matter what your dietary preference.

4. 800 Degrees

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If you're looking to grab something fast that you can carry with you around the festival, look no further than this pizza joint. Mina Restaurant Groups founder Anthony Carron is coming to Coachella with Neapolitan pizzas. This special type of thin-crust pizza bakes in just one minute, making it a completely unique fast-food experience! He's taken this idea and created 800 Degrees Pizza in L.A., which will have a special stand located in the Beer Barn at Coachella.

5. Verve Coffee Roasters

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If you need a morning pick me up, you'll want to grab a latte at this award-winning coffee company. The permanent location of Verve opened in 2007 and works directly with farmers to ensure Fair Trade. They've been featured by everyone from The New York Times to GQ, so their java is sure to be a hit.

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