Jasmine Warga's Smash Hit YA Novel Will Be a Movie

Talk about beginner's luck — or in this case, a lot of beginner's hard work. Paramount Pictures just announced that it bought the movie rights to Jasmine Warga's debut young adult novel My Heart and Other Black Holes . This should come as no surprise to anyone following Warga's rise to success; My Heart and Other Black Holes publication rights have already been picked up by a whopping 17 countries. And Paramount Pictures, for its part, seems to be investing heavily in YA movie adaptations, as it's the studio behind the hugely anticipated movie of John Green's Looking for Alaska . Bonus Green news? The writers of The Fault In Our Stars screenplay will work on the movie.

Jordanian-American Warga's My Heart and Other Black Holes centers on two teenagers who meet online on a site called Suicide Partners, which is exactly what it sounds like: It matches people together in suicide pacts, ensuring that that each person has a motivator pushing them to achieve their goal of suicide. And before you think, "Hey, that's a pretty out-there plot device," these sites do actually exist. Aysel Seran and Roman Franklin both have personal reasons for their decision to take their own life, but when they are paired together by the site, they embark on an intimate relationship that could have both of them questioning their choice.

My Heart And Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga, $5.61, Amazon

Warga told Interview magazine that she wrote her debut novel in the wake of her close friend's death:

I wrote this in the few months following the unexpected death of a very close friend. But the book isn't in any way based on him. Instead I think my grief, my love for him and our friendship, served as inspiration. In many ways, the novel actually began with Aysel and her voice. I woke up one day hearing it. Aysel was a vessel for me to tackle questions about the demon of depression, grief, and the ultimate saving power of love and human connection.

Warga showed her excitement for the news on Twitter, even breaking a sacred bar trivia rule:

Image: Jasmine Warga/Goodreads